Sunday, May 8, 2016

Economic News & Views ( May 8 , 2016 ) Overview For Sunday ( 1. Greece - Ahead Of Monday's Important Euro Group Meetings , Key Developments Touching Upon Greece- Creditors & State Of Play In Greece. 2. UK Referendum - Leave And Remain Items To Consider For Sunday. 3. Spain - Three Kidnapped Spanish Journalists Freed - But Was Al Qaeda Paid Off To Secure The Release ? Spain Reports First Zika Related Case Of Microcephaly , Politic Deadlock Set to Continue After June Election. 4. Odds & Ends. )

In Celebration Of Mother's Day......


gets full support in pension & income tax vote, moves on to

All 153 of the Greek coalition's MPs have voted for the pension & income tax reforms (worth 2% of GDP) via

Union of doctors, pharmacists threaten to expel member MPs if they vote in favour of tax/pension reform bill in parliament tonite

Part of problem - under the EU's austerity plans the government cannot hire more people to meet asylum needs.

URGENT: Molotov cocktails thrown at Greek parliament during massive anti-austerity rally

Anti-austerity protests in central Athens as MPs debate bill

Protests continue....

Mr. Tsakalotos attacks the IMF’s maths, insisting the €5.4 billion of measures are enough to fulfill bailout plan.

"It doesn't help the people and the country to have to fight every 12 months to get new credit to pay off old loans"

Is Greek public debt unsustainable? The weekend read before tomorrow's

Alt FinMin Houliarakis: Income tax reform combines fiscal outcome with social justice, the bulk of self-employed will pay less taxes

braces for new austerity-induced pension cuts

Commission: Greece has ‘basically achieved’ required reforms.

The good cop cometh. Juncker on Greece: Targets as good as met, Eurogroup debt relief talks to start on Monday.

Aerial photos from anti-austerity protests in Athens today by PAME trade unionists

Follow for scenes from today's protests

Anti-austerity protests grind Greece to a halt


Read on : Young Brits Have Most At Stake In The Brexit Referendum But Know The Least About The EU

Jeremy Corbyn forced to abandon speech calling for Turkey to join the EU amid fears it would push UK to Brexit

"Profits and benefits are more important than ideals, these days, for the EU." - Zeynep Oral.

On - as ex MI6 head says UK less safe if we vote for Brexit, we discuss with two former Home Secretaries

Unelected EU elite remain incredibly out of touch


Unconfirmed but Cadena SER security correspondent suggests payment might have been made to Al Qaeda:

Spanish Prime Minister's office not offering any details on how the three men were freed, or in exchange for what.

First case of -associated in Spain

Odds & Ends......

Iron ore and rebar reacting to China export / import data....

Chinese imports fell for 18 consecutive months

Red Lights flashing for China.....

UPDATED: After 20 Years, Bids Farewell to Supremo via

Syrian refugees riot at no-man's land camp near Jordan border

Fort McMurray wildfire grows toward Saskatchewan border

One week since 'the beast' first roared, Fort McMurray wildfire could burn for months

Toronto-area lemonade stands raise thousands for Fort McMurray