Sunday, May 22, 2016

Economic News & Views ( May 22 , 2016 ) Overview For Sunday ( 1. Greece In Focus - Parliament Vote Sunday On Latest Multi Bill , EG Meeting Monday For First Review & Debt Relief Discussions/ Negotiations , Additional Items Of Note For Greece . 2. Refugee / Economic Migration Crisis - Items Of Note. 3. Spanish Re-Run Elections Set For June 26th , Polling & Additional Items Of Interest. 4. Odds & Ends - Around The Horn In MENA/ Afghanistan . )


bill on prior actions approved with 153 votes, with one MP voting against contingency mechanism and privatisation fund

Tsipras has now passed 3% of GDP in austerity, privatisations & sale of NPLs. This time last year, it was as likely as Leicester winning PL

-- parliament passes bailout omnibus bill.

At a theatre near you since May 2010

Great chart on Greece outstanding loans , after 6 years and three programs "emergency " more of a chronic condition.

Greece to adopt more cuts, tax hikes for bailout cash

Another bailout vote in today. Tsipras hoping for a repeat of last one (153/300), despite unpopular measures

Last minute amendments.

Greek parliament to debate and vote on crucial omnibus bill on Sunday

Amendment on multi bill re cost savings.

Half of new privatisation fund's earning will reduce debt, but only loans, FinMin says.

City buses sitting idle due to cash shortage

says it has entered into a binding agreement with ProsperoCapital for sale of €170 mln NPLs in .

Refugee / Economic Migration Crisis .....

Chinese dissident artist Ai Wei Wei posts images of flooded camp for migrants on Greece- border

36 refugees/ economic migrants rescued off Lesbos today.

"Austria Sends More Police to Patrol Brenner Border Area" by REUTERS via NYT

Police in the capital Belgrade discover 43 illegal hiding in two houses, arrest 2 Serbs: interior ministry

116 refugees arrived in between Friday & Saturday. No arrivals reported on yesterday, 35 arrived Friday.

Asylum process is exceedingly slow and has to be done on an individual basis - not group deportations-as envisioned.

Italian authorities have estimated that arrivals may reach 270,000 at current rates.

A philosophical approach to the refugee crisis-afghan, Libya, Syria, Jordan, all

The West's Cynical Plan to Offshore the Refugee Crisis Will Flood Libya With More Weapons

90,233 refugees have arrived in so far this year. 3,613 currently on the island - population down by ~500 compared to April 20


Poll For Spain !

El País editorial talks of "irresponsible" polarisation.

INTERVIEW: Jens Weidmann, the head of Germany’s central bank, on Spain's economy:

Jordi Sánchez re-elected chairman of Catalan separatist organisation ANC. American loses out again.

LATEST: Judge rules against government: Barça fans CAN take separatist estelada flags to King's Cup final on Sunday.

Odds & Ends .....

Gov't in paralysis.....

"As long as Iraq's corrupt political circus continues, there is no solution to ISIS"

Iraqi troops prepare to attack ISIS, Fallujah civilians told to flee

army says preparing to retake -held

"There is no evidence the 2 deaths were caused by direct gunfire on the protesters and there are no other cases,"

photo for Coalition Leaflets over Raqqa city

NEW MAP: Military situation in Governorate. HD version:

Bombings in Kurdish area kill 8, as U.S. official embarks on secret visit to Syria

Top U.S. commander completes day-long secret visit to Syria.

BREAKING: Road to hit in heaviest air strikes in months.

Received request by PM Serraj of EU support to training of Navy, Coast Guard, security. Tomorrow issue at FAC

US, Britain, France all carrying out covert military operations against IS inside Libya

US - debate continues on ground troops to Libya

This talk of a new government in the South seems to be real. I can see many Southerners supporting if its actually created#Fezzan

US Secretary of State John Kerry says Taliban leader Mansour posed a 'continuing imminent threat to US personnel' and Afghans in Afghanistan

Leader's death would be 'serious blow' to - Afghan CEO

Afghan spy agency confirms leader killed in drone attack