Saturday, May 21, 2016

Economic News & Views - ( May 21 , 2016 ) Overview For Saturday ( 1. Greece In Focus - Ahead Of The Critical May 24th Meeting Of Greece & The EG , Debt Relief Formulations / Concepts and First Review Completion Rounding Into Shape. 2. EU In The News - EU Commenting On Turkish Parliament Decision Lifting Immunity For Certain MPS , Juncker Threat To UK On Brexit , EU Failure To Fulfill Transfers From Greece And Italy To Rest Of The EU , EU- Turkey Mud-Pie Gets Worse As Turkey's Gaming The System By Dumping Expensive Or Low Value Refugees On EU While Keeping Highly Valued Refugees , Legal Basis For EU-Turkey Deal May Be Scuppered Anyway. 3. UK Referendum - Both Points Of View. 4. Odds & Ends . )

Greece .....

Press for debt relief - US Treasury Secretary leans on Germany'....

D.R could involve buying out portion of IMF loans to Greece , front-loading some concessions , backloading 1

more contentious debt relief options (such as regarding payment or financing targets ) until 2018 ( after German Elections of 2017.) 2

The local credit sector rejects the International Monetary Fund’s fresh questioning of Greek banks’ capital adequacy

Amendment on multi bill re cost savings.

Half of new privatisation fund's earning will reduce debt, but only loans, FinMin says.


EU High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini and Commissioner Johannes Hahn raises concerns of EU.

Juncker's threat important to note , shows the mindset of leadership at the EUC.

EU has moved only 563 of promised 20,000 asylum seekers from Greece and Italy to rest of EU.

Rain aggravates conditions at refugee camp near Idomeni

Turkey has told UNHCR that Syrian academics can't be sent to Europe in migrant swap deal

Turkey dumping re: refugees "many serious medical cases /refugees w/ very low education" among refugees sent from Turkey.1

Turkish authorities have repeatedly withdrawn permits which had already been granted, because 2

the refugees had been found to be well-trained engineers, doctors or skilled workers, the report said. 3

ICYMI , very important !


Farage touring re : Brexit !

Switzerland is neither an EU nor EEA member and has most competitive economy Why can't we be the same

G7 united against Brexit but can only hope for an 'In' vote

Schauble offers his wisdom to UK on Brexit - Naturally he thinks UK should stay in.

Brexit. The odds on Leave are at 25%. But investors are still wary of a post-EU Britain

Online versus phone polling: What happened at the last UK wide referendum on AV in 2011.

Leaving the EU is a risk Britain shouldn't take, says before vote

Juncker warns UK voters ‘deserters will not be welcomed back’ ahead of EU referendum

Odds & Ends.....

Egypt Air  Tragedy......

Black boxes have been found !

Visa Free Travel - Ukrainians.....

Hmm , looks like France not willing to accept concept of visa free travel for Ukrainians. Surprise , surprise .

Libya  .......

NATO & EU say they're close to a deal for security/military cooperation with 's GNA. I say tread carefully, could go terribly wrong.

East Libya reps & tribal elders meeting in Friday reject conclusions, expressing distrust in GNA PC & support for army

Faraj al-Mabri (Tobruk mayor): Criminals who destroyed Tripoli airport are now participating in GNA and terrorist militias protecting the PC

GNA trying to portray any forces/warlords that pledge allegiance as legitimate forces/army, opponents as spoilers & militias.

No cooperation with Serraj administration until militias disbanded says Hafter -

With oil blockade lifted tanker departed Tobruk Friday + 3 more to load this month

calls for residents to join "Jihad" on forces loyal to Pres Council during local radio broadcast

We can't access forex to pay our debts, oil marketers tell FG - Vanguard News via