Thursday, May 5, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( May 5 , 2016 ) Overview For Cinco De Mayo ( 1. Markets - Japan Back Tonight After Three Days Off , European Stocks Break 4 Day Skid , US Stocks End Mixed For The Day , Bond Markets News - NIRP Annual Toll About 24 Billion , Atlantic City Ten Days From Running Out Of Money , Hong Kong / China Early Items . 2. Greece Block Of News - Creditor Talks , Strikes , State Of Pension Funds . 3. UK Issues Of Note - Brexit , TTIP , EU- Turkey Deal . 4. Libya In Focus - Security Remains A Key Issue As Political Insecurity Continues , Refugee Crisis Shifting To Libya , Military Intervention Looms. 5. Brazil Political Free For All Continues - Even As Rousseff Awaits Inevitable Impeachment , The Lower House Speaker Cunha Has Been Suspended And Vice President Temer Ineligible To Take Over For Rousseff. 6. Odds & Ends - Around Global Horn . )


Asia!! Japan back after 3-day close.. Note: S&P500 and Nky futures down 0.73% & 0.65% respectively since last Nikkei cash close

Europe Markets: European stocks break four-day losing run as oil prices rally: <br>European stock markets ros...

European shares edge higher led by BT and Repsol | Reuters

ECB first moved to negative rates in June '14, almost 2 years ago. The German trading below those levels.

NIRP toll - 24 BN annually...


Atlantic City could run out of money in ten days....this has been brewing for awhile.

A number of mainland stocks in HXC plunge >10% over rumor that CSRC is banning backdoor listing !

Mainland commodities are falling like stones... Coke almost LIMIT DOWN !!

HK existing residential property price is plunging like no return!! I wonder why media is not reporting on this?

| Mar Retail Sales Value Y/Y: -9.8% v -8.8%e; Volume Y/Y: -8.8% v -6.9%e


General strike to affect public transport, ferry schedules

's 2 main unions GSEE+ADEDY call 48hr strike against tax+pension reform bills 2 b voted on weekd, starting Frid. No ships either

From 2000-2015, state budget subsidies to main funds reached €154.4 bln (88% of 2015 GDP).


44.3% relate to farmers' pension fund (OGA), 26.8% to IKA (private sector) and ~10% to self-employed (OAEE)

draft bill on personal income tax and pension reforms may be voted in Parliament on Sun evening.

The key pending issue is the tax-free threshold

Cumulative ceiling reduction by €21.9 bln since mid-Aug.


11 hours ago
Greek Deputy Def Min Vitsas-We have made it clear that for procedural and substantive reasons, this cannot be done.


An interesting read regarding UK negotiating a trade deal with the EU. Both sides need such a deal.

Another shameless effort. Delaying Chilcot report until after Referendum-so as to not sully the "Remain" cheerleader

Important conditions , qualifiers , procedural hurdles and effective timing regarding visa free travel for Turkey.

An important to understand what TTIP can jam down the throats of Europe..

Now Japan's Prime Minister warns UK voters not to vote for BREXIT....


: Infographic on today's events in the areas west of involving & militia

UN envoy returning to Libya. Inbox includes tanker dispute, clashes western-eastern armies and IS offensive.

Nobody wants to discuss impact of ongoing instability , despite installation of GNA.

As Western Balkan land route remains closed , Libya becomes focal point for smuggling organizations.

Economist reports Italy considering military intervention in Libya. Italy PM this week said it would not.

Note: Original planned Libya International Assistance Mission called for 3,000 Italian 1,000 UK troops train local forces.

Soaring USD exchange rate in the parallel black market - 1USD for 4 LYD - this is likely linked to halting oil exports from E .


Brazil continues to be a political hotmess of a cowpie , as today's NYT piece reveals.

Note - temporary injunction. Ratification by the Supreme Court still required. Still , another earthquake.

Odds & Ends.........

There isn't really any good reason Sanders should drop out:

FBI investigation moving along. Top Aides interviewed..

Fort McMurray fires shut down even more oilsands facilities, knock one million barrels offline via

Using charities ( without their knowledge ) to hide money...

Turkey freezes assets of al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan

Jordan's changes seem radical steps backward fr prior progressive steps. One wonder why this was rushed through now?

Political consensus among voters , on at least one thing.

On his resignation " not my choice , but a necessity. "

More fuel to referendum fire..