Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( May 4 , 2016 ) Overview For Wednesday ( 1. Markets - Dow Components YTD Returns , Stocks Slump, Dollar Jumps After China Sends Message To Fed , ISM Services Higher For The 2nd Month In A Row , Jeff Gundlach's Take On President Trump , Turkish Political Turmoil Roils Turkish Lira , Brent Spec Net Longs - The Game Is Afoot. 2. Around The Horn In Europe - Greece Bailouts ( Historical ) And Current Talks With Creditors , TTIP On Hiatus As France Gives Firm "Non" , Border Security / Refugee Crisis News De Jour , Visa Free Travel For Turkey News , Ukraine - Russia Debt Battle Continues - Ukraine Extends Moratorium . 3.Emerging Nations News- Brazil's Rousseff A Step Closer To Impeachment Today . 4. MENA News - Focus on Turkey Political Crisis , Syria Political State Of Play , ISIS Crisis - Selling Chickens & Eggs On The Side Of The Road In Libya , Qatar Selling Debt - First Sovereign Bond Since 2011 , IRAQ VS ISIS State Of Play In Mosul . 4. Odds & Ends. )


Dow components, YTD returns. Energy/Industrials/Consumer Staples leading. Tech/Financials lagging.

ISM Services higher for the 2nd month in a row, above levels that pointed to increased risk of recession in '01/'08.


Around The Horn In Europe.....

Will be interesting if rejects this. When is the plenary vote date?,

Confirmation as to why first bailout was a travesty..

Eurogroup to cover comprehensive package of reforms AND Greek debt sustainability, as "both need to be in place"

Officials say TTIP talks are 'likely to stop' as Hollande will "never accept" the deal in its current form.

Northern Europe border controls to remain place for five countries. Greece deficiencies blamed.

Turkey says it expects to meet five remaining criteria on time.

Visegrad countries promptly reject sanctions for refusing to accept quotas which they've already rejected.

Poroshenko Signs Bill Extending Moratorium on Eurobond Payments

Contingent austerity measures ruled ...

Does the UK want an EU Army under the command of Germany ?

Anonymous attacks Greek central bank, says 30-day global hack to follow

This is what I fear could happen after the June Elections....

Emerging Nations News......

Piling on against Rousseff....

Senate edging closer to setting impeachment trial for Rousseff.

MENA News.......

My new, exclusive article on FP: "Jabhat al-Nusra initiates plans for Emirate in "

supports ceasefire agreement for , calls for countrywide suspension of fighting.

Mosul offensive could displace 30,000 in weeks

In Sirte , ISIS selling chickens and eggs on the side of the road. Not exactly " killing it " , in Libya.

Turkey in political free fall as Prime Minister Davutoglu is set to resign

Resignation looming ???

New ceasefire agreement for Syria , includes key city of Aleppo.

BREAKING: Russia & US include in the 'silent' zone -

plans first sovereign bond since 2011 to raise of as much as $5 billion via

Political tensions between the President & PM lead to their meeting moved forward a day. Resignation rumors abound.

1. IS strongly increasing use of VBIEDs to defend Mosul against encroaching anti-IS forces (~65+ suicide opps reported yesterday in Ninawa)

Very interesting reading and insight as to what might be going on behind the scenes.

ODDS & ENDS.....

Clinton still has to compete against Sanders, while Trump can train all his fire on her

Trump told supporters, “If we win Indiana, it’s over” |

LATEST: 80,000 flee as out-of-control fire puts entire city under mandatory evacuation

Can and will Ted Cruz put the sting and bitterness of this tough campaign behind, for the good of the Grand Old Party ?

Ominous for Non Farm Payroll & Employment Situation Report on Friday.

State of play - Eastern Libya.