Saturday, April 9, 2016

Economic News & Views ( April 9 , 2016 ) Saturday Items To Ponder ( 1. BREXIT - "Leave" Vs "Remain" Points Of View , Prime Minister Cameron To Publish 6 Years Of Tax Returns After OffShore Flap. 2 . Refugee / Migration Crisis Items For Saturday. 3. ECB In Focus - QE Reaching Its Limitations. 4. Germany In Focus - Refugee Crisis , German Nationalism , Business Items , Foreign Fighters/ Terrorism , Diplomacy )

"First Circle" .....

BREAKING: Tear gas, reports of injuries at anti-labor reform rally in W. France

A Maltese minister, or the whole Gov't, could be next to fall in the Panama Papers scandal amid street protests...

Belgium charges Abrini over Paris attacks, Osama K over Brussels attacks

BREAKING: suspect admits accompanying airport bombers

Brexit / UK News ........

British PM Cameron says he mishandled 'Panama Papers' tax scrutiny

BREAKING: David Cameron will publish six years of his tax returns amidst offshore fund controversy


  1. One of the world's biggest aircraft producers warned staff about the dangers of Brexit

Nouriel Roubini warns could bring end of European Union

Last month it was the docs at Downing St. Today it's everyone. Be there for 11am if you possibly can

would be the worst of all worlds, says Varoufakis as the Remain camp loses momentum.

Taxpayers must cough up £9.3 million for this leaflet because the Remain side is panicking. Me in The .

73,000 people sign the petition against the use of taxpayers' money to push a pro-EU vote. We need 27,000 more.

As government issues pro-EU leaflet, Leave campaign responds with mass distribution of pro-Brexit literature:

Refugee Crisis / Border Security

"Make Peace"

Latest data on sites in , based on figures from

slow to a trickle in Germany as Balkan route remains closed

Austria minister, migrant hard-liner, to step down: reports

Photo Essay: To Hungary, in handcuffs

has returned more migrants to under an EU deal

Five migrants drawn off Samos after boat capsizes

'It is like a jail here' At a shelter in Germany, lose hope

Refugee crisis reaches Greece's western shores

4 women, 1 child drowned when boats capsizes NE of Samos, another 2 kids, 2 men missing

86% of refugees reside in the developing world - and fewer than 100,000 per year are resettled

"How Turkey's Reform Project Ended in Isolation," an essay on Turkey's accelerating descent into autocracy:


"Find Me In Your Dreams"

ECB has failed to compress risk premia in Eurozone w/ bond buying. Since start of QE, Italy's risk premium has risen

's bonds' slide shows that stimulus has hit the end of the road.

Yves Mersch: Scope and Limits of Monetary Policy

Germany Takes Aim at the “The German government must demand a change in direction on monetary policy."

Germany's Gabriel says ECB policy expropriates "little people"

JPM, ECB Hint At Arrival Of "Helicopter Money" In Europe Following Next "Significant Downturn"


"Annie's Bittersweet Cake  "

Today's headlines: BBC: "Germany sees huge fall in asylum claims" Daily Express: "Number of Germany asylum seekers doubles"

Germany's refugee coordinator has called for a 'doubling' of deportations

"The narrow-minded nationalism in Germany today will come back to haunt each and every EU member" –

's DLF: After EU Turkey Deal, Merkel seeks a Refugees Deal with Libya - Soon Merkel/EU will have a Deal with all war-zones...

France, Germany halt Airbus export credit amid UK probe

The rise of Germany's anti-refugee right

Two-thirds of Europe’s jihadists hail from four countries: Belgium, Britain, France, Germany

Number of asylum seekers arriving in Germany fell by 66% last month

Premier Li confident in 's economy, eyes cooperation with

'More headlines to come': Panama papers reporters