Sunday, April 10, 2016

Economic News & Views ( April 10 , 2016 ) Overview - Top Items For Sunday ( 1. Ukraine Prime Minister Announces Resignation To Be Presented Tuesday To The Rada - Parliament Will Have Thirty Days To Form A New Coalition Government. President Poroshenko Now Will Be In Full Focus With Panama Papers Disclosures A Serious Concern. 2. Refugee / Migration Crisis - Top Items To Consider. 3. Greece "Non Refugee Related " News - Bailout Talks With Creditors In Primary focus. 4. Italian Bank Travails. 5. Syria Battlefield Updates - Attack To Liberate Aleppo From ISIS and Other Combatants Looming. )


MORE: Yatsenyuk's resignation gives Ukraine's parliament 30 days to form a new coalition government

With Yats stepping down-battle for Prime Minister position could come down to two names : 1) Volodymir Groisman/ Groysman 1

Ukraine Prime Minister Resigns, Says "Destabilization Inevitable" Without New Government

who has been nominated by President Poroshenko ; 2) Fin Min Natalia Yaresko-who offered to lead "Gov't of Technocrats."2

Ukraine Prime Minister announces resignation.

Ukraine PM Yatseniuk resigns: Focus will now fall on President Poroshenko, already implic...

. promises to start discussing candidatures for new prosecutor general the day parliament will vote for new government.

The resignation of Ukraine’s Prime Minister puts more pressure on Poroshenko to deliver on reform promises.

Schemes investigative program: has been using the for over 15 years.

Refugee / Migration Crisis .....

Minister: Refugee crisis-hit countries should think up new labor strategies

First displaced Syrians return to

Greece condemns police use of tear gas, stun grenades & rubber bullets against & :

Macedonia says police intervened to stop 'three well-organised' groups from illegally crossing at 1300 hours

crisis reaches Greece's western shores

Strong wind carries teargas smoke deep into camp, children and women affected now

watercannon, rubber bullets, teargas, stun granades...few hundred protesters still clash w police

clashes stun grenades and tear gas thousand of refugees against Mac police

Chaos in as police clashes with refugees

Greece says it will take two weeks to fix deporation system

George Soros, with a multi-faceted plan for the refugee crisis

's smugglers disappearing - or being driven underground? reports

Greece "Non Refugee/ Migration" Items ......

Greece-Creditors Rush to Reach Draft Deal by Monday

Schäuble: deal with will have 'nothing to do with debt relief' (or the presumably)

Rescheduled for 8pm.

Another round of lengthy meetings between authorities and mission chiefs is scheduled to start at 4pm.

Big distance still exists on NPLs following Sat evening meeting between gov't and mission chiefs.

Athens seeks swift deal with creditors, as funding hinges on review, debt talks

President of Cosco says Port of Piraeus can help boost Greek recovery

Another ludicrous chapter

Panama Papers......

The fallout from , so far. UK PM Cameron at top of 'Under Pressure' list. MT

Panama Papers. This is the govt official who will lead UK inquiry. You couldn't make it up. Tomorrow's Guardian

All in it together?

Red Cross threatened by 'fake' Panama Papers link - The unauthorised use of the International Red Cross's name ...

Malta's Opposition Calls For Prime Minister To Resign Over Panama Papers

Panama Papers: Pakistan Prime Minister under fire over offshore accounts leak - Malta Independent

Swiss banks face scrutiny over Panama Papers

We will be available for comment on this tomorrow

FinMin Schäuble has a 10-point plan to fight tax evasion thru offshore schemes /via

Interesting development. German govt tells "hand to our agencies so we can prosecute tax dodgers".

Italian Bank Bailout .......

Italy pushes for €5bn bank rescue fund:

carry 360 B Euros in non-performing loans. Is it realistic to resolve bank weaknesses w/o govt aid?

This story has the Italian banks initiating equity issuances for capitalize the $5b recap fund

Italian banks' situation 'difficult but manageable': minister

Major Italian Banks rally led by Pop Emilia (+14.36%), Pop Milano (+11.41%) and B Pop (+10.03%)


FT note that despite strength today, Italian banks are -8.4% in Apr, 6th consec. month of declines & longest monthly losing streak since '11

European banks rebound, lead by Italian lenders


Rebels ignored the Islamic State in south Syria, and it's come back to haunt them

Air raids kill 24 IS fighters, 8 civilians in Syria's Raqa: monitor

Syrian Air Force begins to use the Airport: photos

I heard ALL of Aleppo will be equally considered as one battle with multiple fronts.

Lateset Military Situation in CS, & Allies restored HD:

and hold together as rebels suffer huge losses in southern via

Mil. situation for insurgents in rural seems dire.Yesterday's large scale counterattack failed and they suffered severe losses 1/+

in manpower and equipment. and allied forces continue to hit the insurgency's staging areas and defense lines with heavy artillery 2/+

preparation fire and relentless air strikes to set the preconditions for the Government's anticipated offensives at . 3/3