Thursday, April 7, 2016

Economic News & Views ( April 7, 2016 ) Overview For Thursday ( 1. Panama Papers Updates - Get Used To this Being A Daily Item For A Spell . 2. Venezuela - If Misery Had Another Name , Surely It Would Be Venezuela. 3. Al Douri Who Was Allegedly Killed By Shia Militia -Still Among The Living And Making Videos. 4. Libya Is Still A Hot Mess Politically. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Greece Updates For Thursday. 2. Ukraine Fallout After Dutch Voters Reject Association Agreement With The EU. 3. Iceland - The Little Country That Could. ) Daily Odds & Ends ( 1. Around The Global Horn. )


"Yesterday"  .........

Iceland's new PM sworn in: AFP

European Union threatened to impose sanctions on Panama and other countries if they allow tax evasion to prosper.

HSBC looks really bad and probably heads are going roll at the bank...

Mention of banned from Chinese websites to hide at least 8 members of the politburo standing committee

Get your "Panama Papers " rundown right here !

Venezuela public sector workers to get Fridays off for at least 2 months

Maduro Definitely Fits "Nowhere Man " Bill....

Maduro asks Venezuela high court to scrap opposition amnesty

When it comes to misery, is in a league of its own! via

4mer Vice prez who was deemed killed by Shia militia appears in Video urges Arabs to unite agnt

Important meeting between HoR presidency members, Agilah, Shaib and Ehmaid in tomorrow.

HOR members attempting to hold vote on Unity Gov after call b/w Serraj & Ageila Saleh. Several MP's to meet in Cairo

Letter from Mahmoud Jibril to Martin Kobler (Arabic) regarding violations of the LPA by State Council

HoR member Salah al-Shuhbi says election of Swehli head of the State Council is a blatant violation of LPA

BBC's on one of the challenges of covering & wading through sea of disinformation & misinformation

Europe In Focus......

"She Loves You" .....

Greece ......

Greek government official says IMF disagrees with Greek government on pension cuts; talks to be completed soon: BBG

Quick Hit: Stranded Migrants Clash With Greek Police in Idomeni via

Preliminary discussions on debt relief to start at Spring Meetings: source /via

new unpaid taxes at €1.3 bln in Feb (from €1.46 bln in Jan). Outstanding tax debt at €86.91 bln.

Greek public sector grounds flights


Hiding corruption "8 Days A Week"

Anything To Hide? Revelations undercut trust in

Interesting article , fascinating to see the various Ukrainian pespectives on this.

Netherlands votes against EU trade agreement with Ukraine, writes

Almost half of Iceland voters now support the Pirate Party.

Protesters in Iceland are not pleased with government's attempt to reshuffle cabinet in wake of .

Leaders of Iceland's surging Pirate Party are “still surprised by the popularity of the party."

Odds & Ends .....

"Ticket To Ride "......

Between $21 trillion and $32 trillion are sheltered in tax havens according to the Tax Justice Network.

Cameron tried to stop EU cracking down on offshore trusts

Six hurt in arson attack police say was targeted at : swastikas found on walls

EU-Turkey deal is not stopping migrants from coming to Europe, as per the German police’s task-force for migration.

29 dead-but former CEO gets a year in jail/one year probation/piddling fine. Sentence him to work 29 years in a mine


*ANC GROUP CALLS FOR EMERGENCY MEETING TO DISCUSS ZUMA would be positive if they dump the crook

Merkel and Hollande warn Libya may be next big migrant staging area