Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 6 , 2016 ) Overview For Today ( 1. Yen Continues Rise Against Dollar , Fed Minutes Don't Change Dovish View For Markets. 2. Global Manufacturers Have Worst Quarter in About 3 Years. 3.Pound Hit By Worst Ever Current Account Deficit. 4. Panama Papers To Impact BREXIT Vote - Cameron Effect . 5. Governor Of Puerto Rico Set To Impose Capital Controls To Preempt Bank Cash Run.) Europe In Focus For Wednesday ( 1. Dutch Referendum - Voters Vote "No" To EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. 2. Greece In Focus - Political Updates / Bailout Talks With Creditors / Refugee Situation. 3. Spanish Political And Financial Sector Updates. 4. Iceland Political Situation - PM Resigns ( Or Doesn't ) , New Prime Minister Appointed - New Elections Called . 5. Odds & Ends. )


Asia Thursday Morning......


KURODA: CORE CPI EXPECTED TO BE AROUND 0% FOR THE TIME BEING. It's not like Japan has had QE for 3 years or something

Today's China bear is calling outright crisis by 2020 b/c Beijing's given up on deleveraging

Another weekly P2P Financing in trouble-- 4~5 bln YUAN in risk incurs 130k victims.

Dong Bei Special Steel Group Co., LTD is unable to repay its 1 bln YUAN 90-day financing debt.

Merle Haggard heads home - 4/6/37 -4/6/16

"Are The Good Times Really Over ? "  

The Yen extended its rise against the Dollar as Fed minutes do not change dovish backdrop for markets.

JPM: For Pound this was the worst possible time for UK to record its worst ever current account deficit (7% of GDP).

Will Britain leave the EU over the Panama Papers? How David Cameron may affect vote.

NFU report warns of increased prices or threat to farm production under different Brexit scenarios

Governor Of Puerto Rico Set To Impose Capital Controls To Preempt Bank Cash Run

Europe In Focus ....

Dutch Referendum - Ukraine - EU Association Agreement Nixed By Voters.......

In Brussels , just "Misery and Gin " tonight.....

Congratulations Netherlands! And my condolences to

Euroskeptics in the may have won a big one in low-turnout vote

Dutch PvdA leader Samsom: "we can't ratify EU-Ukr deal just like that" Like Rutte,he doesn't promise to stop ratific

Dutch PM Rutte: "Law says result must influence decision making. Will happen." -> Rutte does NOT pledge yet not to ratify

Dutch PM Rutte: if turnout 30%+, "step-by-step process will start. Will take days or perhaps more likely weeks", "will consult EU partners"

Dutch Referendum is valid: 32% turnout

Greece In Focus.....

"Place About To Fall Apart " ......

Migrants' Return Raises Anxiety in Turkey

After latest round of talks with lenders on Wed, Greek FinMin Tsakalotos sees text of agreement being finalised by Sunday

Greece sees two-week lag in migrant returns to Turkey: official

Greece: Endgame for the IMF-EU Feud over Greece's Debt via

gov't & institutions v close to clinch an agreement on pension & tax reform, acc 2 gov't sources (via )

As EU plans to intensify deportations, refugees still crossing the Aegean Sea to Greece

Greek MinEcon Stathakis says Athens looks at around €15bn from privatizations; may end up w/ €6-7bn German MinFin spox: We still want €50bn

New Democracy head Mitsotakis issues new statement calling on Tsipras to resign, says his "show" regarding IMF just made it stronger

Unbelievable scenes in Piraeus where migrant uses baby to attack port officials...

Spanish political updates.....

"Pancho & Lefty "


Almodóvar cancels new film junket amid tax fraud scrutiny

Spain's El Mundo - the ECB considers that Catalonia does not meet solvency requirements.


" Fightin" Side Of Me "

Iceland PM is quite slippery...

Iceland government appoints new PM, to call early elections

Amid scandal, names new Prime Minister

Odds & Ends.....

: Largest Swedish bank, Nordea, paid to have papers forged

: If you censor more than 99% of the documents you are engaged in 1% journalism by definition.

cuts jobs in Finland, Germany

Four "D"s in focus ( Debt , Default , Deflation & Derivatives. )

LATEST - Brussels bomber 'had cleaning job' at European Parliament


Panama Papers: offshore firm set up by Cameron's father was moved to Ireland in year son became PM

"We would not extend the border controls beyond May 12th if the numbers remain this low"-Int Min Thomas de Maiziere.

Spain sees red as French farmers block trucks and dump vino all over autoroutes