Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 20 , 2016) Overview For Wednesday - Things To Ponder ( 1. Brazil Ministers Step Down - Impeachment Bell Tolling Shortly. 2. Oil Jumps To 5 Month High , Dow Jones Closes At Year High On Back Of Oil Fueling The Rally In Risk . 3 Schauble Plays Grexit Gambit - External Deval Would Help Greece Recovery. 4. Zero Hedge Reports On Saudi Arabia -9-11 Connection " The Smoking Gun: "Document 17" Links Saudi Embassy In Washington To Sept 11 ". 5. Refugee Crisis / Border Security Items De Jour . 6. Greece News For today. 7. Visa Free Travel In EU - Turkey VS Ukraine )



prices jump to 5mth high as US output slips & Iraq says , others to meet on freeze

Dow Jones closed at year high in tandem w/ .

Schäuble says external devaluation would help Greece recovery. ('s appropriate rates would be at -12.7%)

New evidence of a definitive link between Saudi Arabian officials and 9/11 terrorist attacks -as per New York Times

Refugee Crisis  / Border Security....

Orban filling leadership gap in the EU. Shrinking Merkel popularity and repeated bows to Erdogan reveal EU disarray.

Not the first incident like this...

Migration crisis offsets benefit from Greece being a safe destination

There are now more Syrians who are displaced or refugees than there are Syrians who've remained in their homes.

Greece .......

From April 17th-offered to underline both IMF and Germany are in accord on those extra 3bn in contingency measures.

Agreement reached on timetable for sale of power grid operator

Who let the Grinch out today ?

review talks going well apart from appreciable differences


Visa Free Travel - Ukraine & Turkey Contrast.....


: 'We have fulfilled a plan, which contained almost 140 conditions.' -free


Turkey has threatened to cancel the EU migration deal unless Brussels provides visa-free travel for Turks by June.

Turkey battles to meet criteria for visa-free travel to EU

Despite Threat, EU Says No Shortcuts for Turkey’s Visa-Free Travel

And this.....

Turkey wants EU to release the promised 3bn for syrian refugees. Turkey once again reminds EU to live up to promises

And this.....

Online now! Turkey's ambassador: "If we don't have membership, so be it"