Monday, April 18, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 18 , 2016 ) Overview - Top News For Monday ( 1. Oil After Doha - Geopolitics , Supply & Demand And the View Moving Forward. 2. Refugee Crisis - Key Global Updates To Consider. 3. Libya Political Updates. 4. Greece Updates - Creditor Talks , Collective Actions Against Further Austerity. 5. Odds & Ends - Syria Truce End Called By Syria Armed Opposition , Earthquake Items - Ecuador And Japan , Iraq , Brazil , Saudis & ISIS. )


Oil Post Doha Meeting Fiasco ....

minister "had no authority to decide on anything" in -

Aiming at , 's Deputy Crown Prince Mixes With Politics

5 questions after collapse of to freeze oil output (inc. would a deal have made any difference?)


What Couldn't Do for Market, Does by Accident via

re-establishes exports with a 3rd European country: (after and )

IMF warned it would need to mitigate impact of energy subsidies reform

Refugee Crisis ....

Turkey threatens to torpedo Refugee Agreement with EU unless it follows through on the visa free travel promise.

BREAKING PM of UN-backed Libya government appeals to EU for help combatting migrant smugglers

Swexit? Swedish support for EU plummets amid tensions over migrant crisis

Former German chancellor: 'EU can't be new home for millions of refugees'

Migrants reoccupy border rail crossing

European Commission: Only 615 Out of 66,400 Asylum Seekers Have Been Relocated from Greece

Greece ......

The will also discuss (on Apr 22) the next steps & timeline for the completion of first review.

Talks with creditors to resume but review up in the air as Athens rejects fresh austerity

Media protests social security reform with two-day strike

Accountants' protest action affects tax declarations

PNO to Go on 48-hour Strike With a Possibility of Rising Actions

European Commission VP Dombrovskis: Agreement With Greece Feasible ‘Within Weeks’

German MinFin: ’s involvement in third Greek bailout program continues to be “indispensable” for Germany

German MinFin: Germany is hopeful that the review of Greece’s program can be completed by Greece’s Easter holidays at the beginning of May


BREAKING PM of UN-backed Libya government appeals to EU for help combatting migrant smugglers

Recognised parliament (Tobruk) postpones vote on UN-backed government (Note: some states no longer recognise)

UK + France both saying recognise UN-backed GNA government Tripoli, parliament (Tobruk) vote not necessary. Status of LPA unclear.

French president says GNA recognised without need of parliament vote. But also says general Haftar important.

UK foreign secretary Hammond in Tripoli: UK to help army, coastguard, NOC, CBL, LIA, power generation + oil production.

Odds & Ends .....

Syria's armed opposition officially announces 'end of truce'


earthquakes hit major manufacturers

UPDATE: Firebrand cleric’s supporters shut down six

Report: 'Islamic State' sees financial hemorrhage

Quote (): Nice summary on the political situation in Brazil - "from house of cards to the walking dead"

Saudis have an army of lobbyists for fight against 9/11 bill