Saturday, April 16, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 16 , 2016 ) Saturday Highlights ( 1. Kumamoto Earthquake Updates . 2. Libya Political situation In Focus. 3. Belgium In Focus - Transport Minister Steps Down , Secret EU Report Detailed Security Flaws At Belgium's Airports Long Before Attacks At Brussels - How Safe Is Belgium's Nuclear Industry From A Terror Attack ? 4. Greece Updates - Pope Makes symbolic Visit To Lesvos To Spend Time With Refugees On Refugee / Migration Front-Line , Economic Items , Creditor Talks Matters. 5. Brazil Impeachment Vote Looms Sunday For Rousseff. 6. Tony Blair Hides Massive Wealth Offshore , Reports " The Times " , Additional Offshore News Of Note. 7. Oil Production Freeze At Doha Meetings ? Iran Not Attending And Saudis threaten Not Just No Freeze Unless All Major Producers Join In , But Threaten Massive Production Hike Of A Million Barrels A Day , Saudis Also Threaten Massive Sell-Off Of US Assets If Congress Passes Law To Hold Saudis Accountable For 9-11Saudis . )


Kumamoto Earthquake.......

Death toll in Japan earthquakes rises to 41; nearly 1,000 injured

29 killed, 70,000 evacuated in Japan hit by 2 powerful quakes & devastating landslides

'Race against time' in to find earthquake survivors

Japan left reeling by deadly 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Kumamoto and volcanic eruption

21 dead, 1,500 injured after powerful quakes rock Japan's southwestern Kyushu island

Landslide that destroyed bridge after Kumamoto earthquake

Landslides triggered by threatening more structures.

BREAKING: Mag. 7.0 rocks Kumamoto, Japan, one day after Thursday's M6.2 tremor.


Since Tuesday-6,021 migrants & refugees have made sea crossing to Italy from Libya , excluding 174 people who reached Greece.

violations of Libyan Political Agreement continue by all parties involved. These violations are the drivers of future instability.

From Istanbul, PM Serraj says no to foreign forces on ground in . Says establishing security &fighting is a Libyan responsibility.

- concerns that the Prez Council is being hijacked by the groups providing it with security/support in . Growing discontent.

- some pro-GNA HoR members are growing frustrated at what some of them described as "Mitig's takeover from Serraj".


Transport minister quits. First Cabinet member to quit amid criticism of the government's handling of the security.

A nuclear terrorism threat made in ? by

Secret EU report detailed security flaws at Belgium's airports long before


Greek Deputy Minister of Defense Commits to Normalized Refugee Flow by Easter

Lagarde Agrees with Tsakalotos on Return of Negotiators to Greece

For those who might say's the Pope's action just symbolic , compare his action with Europe , so far ?

‘You are not alone,’ Pope tells refugees on Lesvos

Pope to take 10 refugees back to Italy

Big shortfall in March tax revenues

Tax-free ceiling is still main obstacle in talks

Three firms interested in Trainose


Bookings for auto rentals in April-May down 20 percent year-on-year

Brazil .......

The impeachment process in Brazil as President Rousseff faces key vote late Sunday

Brazil court upholds impeachment vote: Rousseff suggested this week that members of her government were conspi...

Brazil president to meet supporters as impeachment vote looms Sunday

Brazil's long-silent business class pines for an end to drama


's cancels address as impeachment debate begins

's economic collapse in one chart!

Off-Shore News......

Secrecy & Shell Companies shield Blair’s wealth . Mr Blair’s use of IIP trusts offers potential tax advantages.

Panama Papers: inside the Guardian's investigation into offshore secrets

lead Spanish minister to resign

Gillian Tett on what the reveal about offshore finance

PANAMA PAPERS: Banks with off-shore subsidiaries - HSBC - Credit Suisse - UBS - Societe Generale

The fallout from the Panama Papers continues, this time in Brazil & Mexico

Doha Flop Looms.....


Doha set to be flop and Saudis threaten massive production hikes.

Saudi Arabia could raise crude production by more than a million barrels a day immediately , 1

said the kingdom’s Deputy Crown Prince, as he reiterated the nation would only agree to freeze production if 2

all major producers including Iran do the same. 3

Iran Says It “Saw No Reason” to Attend the -- Iran Minister and Governor Staying in Tehran

: Warns of Economic Fallout if US Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

The Anti-Freeze: Claims its Output Has Reached 3.5 mb/d (blue line is data; red line is Iran claim)

(NOTE: data is to March, Iran claim is for April -- tanker tracking shows big jump in Iranian oil exports in H1 April)

claims to have lifted output to 3.5m b/d (blue line is , red is Iran claim)