Friday, April 1, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 1 , 2016 ) Overview For Friday In Summary Form ( 1. US Data Points Of The Day - Non Farm Payroll & Employment Situation Report Released - On The Whole , A Good Report . 2. Iraq Related News De Jour. 3. Syria In Focus - Political Developments & Battlefield Reports. 4. Turkey In Focus - Ankara Terror Surprise , Why EU- Turkey Deal Won't Work - Opinion Piece From Foreign Affairs , US-Turkey Relationship Coming Apart At The Seams. 5. Libya In Focus - A Look at Domestic & International Politics. 6. Refugee Crisis - News To Consider Today ! )


Decent US jobs data: March US NFP 215k (est 205k), AHE 2.3% YoY (est 2.2%), UR 5% (est 4.9%) as more people enter workforce

Unemployment rate 5.0%, Participation rate 63.0%, avg hourly earnings +0.3%, avg weekly hours 34.4

66th consecutive month of job gains, extending the longest streak in history.

Labor Force Participation Rate moves up for the 4th consecutive month. Had hit its lowest level since '77 last Sep.

Yields US 3-month: 22 bps German 10-Year: 13 bps Swiss 30-Year: 19 bps

ministerial nominee withdraws from new cabinet

says 1,119 people killed in violence across in March

: 1,119 Iraqis killed and another 1,561 injured in acts of terrorism, violence & armed conflict in March 2016.

Turkish jet fighters launch airstrikes at PKK targets in northern Iraq

A comprehensive overview on Jabhat al - Nusra. An important missive to read !

Kremlin's position on President Assad had not changed, His fate must be decided only by people of Syria in elections

About 1,200 "foreign fighters" are believed to have returned to the EU from Syria and Iraq

Jabhat al-Nusra () & allies have launched offensive in South on Tel-Eis,Al-Eis area

The attack coincide with the presence of the Syrian opposition in , negotiating "peace process".

Air Force is active now on the Tel al-Eis, bombing it heavily. .

Syrian engineers have cleared 4 km of M-7 highway, which led from Palmyra to Deir ez-Zor. 36 mines have been defused

Civilians have started field works. Administration of has started recovering water and energy supply systems

Russian forces arrive in Syria on mine-clearing mission in ancient town of Palmyra

Mastermind of Ankara blast escaped due to delayed intelligence: Report

EU-Turkey deal: staff shortages and rights concerns post twin threat. Our round-up of the many moving parts today

'Fortress Austria' and guarding the external EU borders

The EU's controversial deal with Turkey won't work:

If confirms that Turkey isn't complying with international law, deal should be reconsidered

Turkey's relationship with the US is reaching its breaking point

Rival of UN-backed Libya government says won't cling to power

Still no word from eastern government (Tobruk) on reaction to UN backed government arriving Tripoli.

Turkey is not a safe country for refugees generally , Syrian refugees specifically. EU looking the other way.

Turkish is no safe haven for refugees – it shoots them at the border

First Syrians due in Germany Monday under EU-Turkey pact: ministry

Denmark extends border controls to deter refugee influx as spring approaches

Refugees, migrants break out from Chios detention camp in protest

EU border guard proposal - more leaked docs Council intends to agree whole text next week:

Greek parliament set to vote on asylum bill as unrest in refugee camps grows

EU Commission is probably surprised that before 500 migrants are sent back to , Ankara has to approve for

Actually there have been other boats from Greece to Italy spoke to people who came that way for

Germany’s refugee crisis has left it as bitterly divided as Donald Trump’s America | Konstatin Richter

Here's How the Refugee Crisis May Reshape 's Social Model Read Article @

Sweden's Tourism Industry Collapses As Resorts Become Refugee Centers / Refugee crisis spirals out of control