Thursday, March 31, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 31, 2016 ) Overview ( 1. First Quarter for 2016 Ends - Quite a Whipsaw Affair. 2 Year Yields For Bonds - All Time Lows Abound. 3. Commodities Index Rebounds After 8 Consecutive Monthly Declines. 4. Global Equities - % Below All Time High. 5. Currency Round Up - Real Is World's Best Performing Currency , Despite All Of Political Troubles. 6. China Items Of The Day - Tariffs Imposed On All Foreign Goods , Dr Copper Hurting As Copper Inventory Building Continues In China. 7. Erdogan Displays "Respect For Press In The US Today. 8 Brazil Wonders About Rousseff , World Wonders About 2016 Olympics Being Viable. . ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee Crisis Items De Jour. 2. Spanish Budgetary Miscue - Definitely Will Feed Into Political Intrigues. 3. UK Steel Industry - Port Talbot In Focus. 4. Massive Protest In France Against Labor Reforms - Chaotic Clashes , Hollande Popularity Falling Faster Than a Busted Fancy Souffle ! )


Asia Update......

Happy Panda China PMI Friday !
Mfg 50.2 (est 49.4 Feb 49) Services 53.8 (Feb 52.7) Caixin mfg: 49.7 (est 48.3 Feb 48)


China getting in the spirit of April Fool's by dropping March PMI data early. First beat: official non-manufacturing PMI 53.8, prior 52.7.

Japan Q1 Tankan survey mananged to miss ests on every line, weakest since QQE started in 2013

Yen and JGBs rally, stocks drop on dour Tankan survey

From Earlier......

Q1 is 1st quarter since Great Depression to record drop of >10%, then rebound to end higher

2-Year Yields: new all-time lows in Q1 across the Eurozone, Japan, UK, Canada, South Korea & New Zealand.

After 8 consecutive monthly declines, the Bloomberg Commodity Index finishes higher (+3.8%) in March.

Equities, % below all-time high Italy: 64% Japan: 57% China: 51% France: 37% Brazil: 32% Germany: 20% UK: 13% US: 3%

Real worlds best performing currency in 1Q 2016, Pound among the biggest loser. gained 5% vs Dollar.

S&P cut to AA- negative from AA- stable.

National Press Club alarmed about violence against journalists in Erdogan's event.

Exactly. Erdogan seems to believe having a majority gives him unchecked power.

Erdogan's thugs attack reporters outside as Erdogan speaks inside.

Olympics In Doubt As Brazil Sports Minister Quits, Rio Governor Says "This Is The Worst Situation I've Ever Seen"

Brazil’s poor are a largely loyal force that Lula and Rousseff are pinning their hopes on

Brazil prosecutors charge world's richest banker in bribery scheme:

BREAKING NEWS: Brazil top court votes to remove Lula case from corruption judge - AFP

Europe ......

Refugee Crisis.....

"There Are No More Hotel Beds At All": Sweden's Tourism Industry Collapses As Resorts Become Refugee Centers

How the treatment of Afghan refugees shows the EU asylum system is collapsing (by me with + Kerin Hope)

Greece, Turkey take legal short-cuts in race to return migrants

Smugglers are now advertising Turkey-Italy trips again, 13 months after the last confirmed ones.

Syrian Observatory of Human Rights makes a shocking , if accurate , allegation against Turkey.

51,393 Refugees and Migrants in Greece on Thursday

Migration crisis: Hungarian government says EU cities have 900 no-go zones

"Needless to say, there is no mention of humanitarian visas, resettlement or any other form of safe passage"

Turkey deal is a 'spectacular EU failure:' Greek ruling party MEP


's 2015 fiscal deficit missed big, reaching 5.2% of GDP, 1%> target despite buoyant growth & low funding costs

"Data published today confirm the 's concerns about 's budgetary trajectory," says . /via



Excellent read...

UKIP Leader : Remaining in the EU is a death sentence for Britain’s steel industry

RT FT : Tata Steel state rescue is likely to fall foul of Brussels


Watch: Protests in Paris against a French labor law descend into clashes

According to Union organizers, 1.2 million took the streets across France to decry labor law reforms.

Massive (and very wet) crowds at the labour reform marches in southern Paris.

Hundreds of thousands protest across France against labor reforms