Saturday, February 27, 2016

MENA Report ( February 27 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Links Covering Items Of Note Spanning Middle East , Recent Articles for : Syria Peace Holding - March 7th Talks Loom ; Iran Election Item ; ISIS News Of The Day ; Al Qaeda In Syria ; Turkey In The Middle Of Everything ; , Iraq - Political and Battlefield Items ; Refugee Crisis In Focus ; Bahrain News Somewhat Leaches Out ; Israel In Focus . ) Tweet Additions Syria ( 1. Ceasefire Largely Holding On Saturday. ) Tweet Additions Libya ( 1. Additional Items Of Note touching On Libya Situation. ) Tweet Additions - Iraq ( 1. Political Dynamica And Battlefield updates. )


Ceasefire Holds, Calm Prevails Across Syria

Moderates Win 29 of 30 Seats in Early Iran Polls

US Military Launches 'Cyberwar' to Keep ISIS Off Twitter

Al-Qaeda Rejects Syria Ceasefire, Urges More Fighting

Turkey Has 'Serious Worries' on Syria Ceasefire

Dozens Sickened After Rocket Attack; 64 Killed in Iraq

Powerful Iraq Shi'ite Cleric Says PM's Position at Stake Unless He Reforms

Kurds Say Investigating Suspected ISIS Chemical Attack in Iraq

Chaos as Migration System 'Close to Collapse'

Slovenian Police Say There Is Regional Agreement to Limit Migrant Flow

Austria Falls Out With Mighty Neighbor Germany in Refugee Crisis

Hungary Raps EU, Sees Migrant Quota Referendum in 150 Days at Earliest

Hungary's Orban Slams Germany for 'Rude' Tone Over Refugees

Turkish Military Helicopters Kill 9 in Strikes on PKK Targets

Turkey Turns Off Independent TV Channel on 'Terrorist' Charge

US Journalist Says Bahrain Deprived Her Team of Food, Water, and Sleep During Detention

Aid Group Urges Europe to Halt Arms to Saudis Bombing Yemen

Terrorist Wanted by Israel Murdered at Palestinian Embassy in Bulgaria


UN aid to Syria falls into hands of Assad forces

Duran Kalkan“The guerrillas have not participated in the clashes but this spring will become the Kurdish uprising”

Syria .....

Fragile Syria ceasefire enters second day

Syrian Kurdish Council opens Geneva office to ‘contribute to pe via Interesting list of attendees - A number of foreign diplomats attended the opening ceremony of the KNC office among them Andreas Kr├╝ger, head of the Middle East division of the German Foreign Office, Berk Baran, deputy permanent representative of Turkey’s mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Abdulhadi Saeed Al-Gahtani, first secretary at Saudi Arabia’s mission, Maxim Efimov of the Russian mission and the UN special envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura. 

So far the agreed Syria ceasefire looks OK. But fragile. Could pave way for political talks March 7. Let's hope.

Ahrar commander in Aleppo: "We clashed with regime after midnight, but didn't last more than 30 min. We are committed to truce if regime is"

: Rebels & activists are indeed reporting intermittent shelling, etc. But all I've spoken to say "it's nothing" compared to the usual

: Russia says it has identified rebel areas it won't bomb during ceasefire, but that it stopped *all* raids today to avoid "mistakes"


Where Weapons Trafficked From Have Been Found

Acts of violence committed by in during 2015

The European Union fears Mediterranean migrant smuggling gangs are reviving a route fr Egypt-officials told Reuters.

Tobruk vote up in the air...

British 'advisers' deployed to Libya to build anti-Isil cells


'Al-Hani Market' in providing free groceries to the needy. Kudos to them!

Libyan army finds acid, bomb making materials at farm recently occupied by in .


Jordan lifts visa requirement on Kurds, listing Kurdistan as an independent country. Iraqis still require a visa.

Moktada al-Sadr, unmatched master of the Shiite street, flexes his muscles again in Iraq

: "The future of the whole country is under a heavy cloud."

PM unsure who sabotaged - pipeline, not blaming

Iraq summoned UAE envoy over the comments on Shiite militia forces

Amaq reports three SVBIED attacks at Kilo 18 west of using also a bulldozer SVBIED with a machine gunb

contradicts Turkey, says it is not reconsidering its support to

blocks satellite channel for "spreading terrorist" propaganda

Kurds launch investigation into new ‘chemical attack’ in

WATCH: The secret banking system of ISIS in Iraq

- pipeline will remain offline for another two weeks due to security situation

Kurdish socialist party criticize , for banning Rudaw