Wednesday, February 10, 2016

MENA Report ( February 10-11 , 2016 ) Syria ( 1. YPD And Arab Allies seize Minnigh Air Base And Adjacent Town . 2. Secretary Of State John Kerry Will Push For A Ceasefire In Syria At Meeting Thursday - Munich , Germany. 3. Russia Has Already Proposed A ceasefire Commencing March 1, 2016 . 4. Battlefield State Of Play . ) Libya ( 1. Gov't Formation Troubles Continue . 2. Security Issues Still Abound. 3. A Look Back At Libya Revolt - 5 Years Ago . 4. Foreign Intrigue Continues To Bedevil Libya Gov't formation . 5. Domestic Issues - Unpaid workers At Power Plant In Jalu Protest / Begging For Donations For Hospital Supplies - Where Are Libya's Reserves ?

Evening Wrap.......


Syrian air base 'seized by Kurds and their allies'

Turkey to care for refugees in Syria while support for safe zone grows | Today's Front Page

JUST IN: Kerry to push for ceasefire in Syria:

US officials say they won't accept Russian offer for March 1 ceasefire in Syria; would give Russia, Assad 3 wks to pummel rebels

Russia has proposed a ceasefire in Syria starting on 1 March, according to Western official

Syrian refugees: Abandoned by the US, betrayed by Arab governments and shut out of Europe

Recent Badr deployment in Syria is the most important ever. Currently, Badr has 3 main brigades in Aleppo, the 10th, 4th & 3th brig.

take control of Rasm Al-Alam, Al-Sin farms & Barlahin after clashes with in east

NEW MAP update: Military situation in Governorate. HD version:

John Kerry Makes Last Ditch Effort To Avert World War III As Saudis, Turks Prepare For Syria Invasion

US allies criticize Obama's "ambiguous" Syria policy, say inaction led to "sea of blood"

FM Zarif will depart for early Thursday morning local time to attend & Support Group meeting in the city.

Exclusive: Di Mistura floated the idea of a federation in Syria to several opposition members including Cairo Summit members.

Lavrov, Kerry: UNSC resolution no.2254 does not allow any preconditions

Libya .......

Fabius leaves office in advance of expected broader changes in French govt, impact on Libya foreign policy unclear

Which one comes first? No security support without accord government. No Accord Government without security support.

See our photo gallery of Libya’s uprising: A look five years back

Maiteeg: Only a few more steps separate us from real agreement.

Tripoli-based government threatens to close Tunisia border if Tunis does not lift ban on Libyan planes.

Employees of the power company in Jalu protest due to unpaid salaries since November of last year

UN has set new deadline for unity government agreement, Feb 15. This is an extension of the extension of original deadline.

Overheard at the Pentagon: "In Libya, every man is a government."

What a sad state of affairs. , an oil-rich nation asking for donations for it's hospitals. Pitiful

Looks like I was wrong. Officer in Darna anti-IS operation says analysis of bomb fragments suggest it was the UAE