Friday, February 26, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views (February 26 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Turkey Affirmed By Fitch At BBB- , As If French Rating Agency Fitch Would Junk Rate Turkey Before March 7th. 2.ECB Set To Rock & Roll At March Meeting. 3. British Pound Still Being Pounded - Not Far From 1985 Low VS USD. 4. FED Hike Odds Back to 12/16 - as Compared w/ Mid/18. 5.NIRPLAND Watch. 6. EZ CPI Slips For Spain/ France & Germany - DEFLATION , DEFLATION , DEFLATION . ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee Crisis/ Border Security. 2. Greece News - Non Refugee Related. 3. Spanish Political Updates. 4. Odds & Ends - Europe Primarily In Focus. )

T.G.I.F - One Heck Of A Week , Ready for Two Days Of R&R !


Fitch affirms Turkey at BBB-; Outlk stable on fiscal disciplin despite worsened geopol scene

More stimulus in Mar virtually certain. RBS's Dove-o-meter shows that doves are in majority, Weidmann w/o vote.

British Pound not far from its lowest level since 1985.

Hike odds back to Dec '16 (from mid '18) after S&P bounce. Stock Market Tail Wags Fed Dog.

Negative Yields through...
Swiss: 20 yrs Japan: 10 Yrs Germany: 8 yrs Belgium: 7 yrs France: 6 yrs Ireland: 4 yrs

disappointments mount as rates slip back.

Europe In Focus.....

Refugees / Border Security Ball Of Confusion.....

Erdogan serving EU its "soup" , if they follow the rules of the "Sultan Of Soup".....

Greece growing a backbone ?

More migrants trapped in Greece as Balkan countries enforce limits

Balkan states to cap daily migrant intake to 580

Protest outside Austrian Embassy on Saturday

4.7 million Syrian refugees in neighboring countries
Turkey: 2.6 million Lebanon: 1 million Jordan: 600,000

Every panic stricken statement like this merely increases the leverage of The Sultan.

And somewhere there, Europe entirely lost its soul

All EU hopes to solve the refugee crisis now rest on Turkey. We don't see this working -


Brussels rejects Greek arguments on shipping’s tax status

EC summons Stathakis for explanation

Potami leader open to idea of forging centrist alliance

New Democracy builds big poll lead over SYRIZA

Moscovici: Greece must press on with reforms to boost confidence


Socialist party leader Pedro Sánchez's agreement with Ciudadanos has opened up fresh divisions within his party

Catalonia vows to ignore court ruling overturning protocols requiring public workers to speak Catalan

Albert Rivera is PSOE's "coat hangar", "little chicken" and "dogsbody", says PP spokesman.

RAJOY: "The Popular Party, with its 123 seats, is going to vote no to Mr. Sánchez's candidacy"

Odds & Ends - Europe......

Is the EU about to crumble apart , right in front of everyone's eyes ?

Update: talks date is expected to be March 7 (Monday) instead of Mar 4 (Friday), to be announced by Env Demistura - Diplomats

The G-20 hopium that Central Bankers will launch another set of coordinated actions. Any excuse to pumpup stocks.

Guess a person will see what what he wants to see..

next week: final data; non-farm payrolls, ; Q4 2015 GDP for + more.

Belgium charges Switzerland's with massive fraud

Italy wage growth plunges

"I say to the president: If you don't want me anymore, then you have to form a new government..." warned Yatsenyuk.

German 5-year yield grinds down to new all-time low