Thursday, February 25, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( February 25 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Global Equities - % Below All Time Highs . 2. 8 Global Equity indices Positive YTD. 3. Carney Warns G-20 Against `Zero Sum Game' of Negative Rates. 4. Signs Of Currency Collapse. 5.China Items Of Note . Odds & Ends. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee Crisis / Border Security. 2. UK Referendum / Brexit. 3. Spanish Politics - Will Rajoy back PSOE Led Government ? We Shall Soon What Is More Important To Rajoy And PP - Country Or Bruised Egos / False Pride . 4. Greek Non- Refugee Related Items Of The Day. )

Evening wrap..........


Global Equity Indices, % below all-time high... Italy: 66% Japan: 59% China: 55% Brazil: 43% Germany: 25% US: 8%

8 Global Equity indices Positive YTD... Argentina Colombia Turkey Thailand Russia Indonesia Mexico Taiwan All EM

Carney Warns G-20 Against `Zero Sum Game' of Negative Rates

Signs Of Currency Collapse: Whoever Does Not Respect The Penny Is Not Worthy Of The Dollar



PBOC's Zhou on January credit binge: tends not to overreact to credit data, loan surge due to seasonal factors, loan growth will stabilise.

PBOC's Zhou: forex volatility to stay at reasonable level, short-term change in reserves not a trend, stabilizing yuan expectations crucial

PBOC's Zhou: China's economy remains strong, impressive and positive, credit demand is robust, still has monetary policy space, tools

Morning Note: 1. IMF pushes G20 to take bold action. 2. Lloyds surges on divi hike. 3. Chinese stocks plunge ->


Refugee Clusterfark.....

Complete ball of confusion ....

Luxembourg's foreign minister "The outlook is gloomy ... We have no policy any more. We are heading into anarchy."

Germany bans welfare payments for EU migrants for three months after arrival

Greece-Creditors Negotiations Stall as Refugee Issue Prevails

Greek police say 400 migrants walk out of camp

Divided EU seeks to avoid migrant 'humanitarian crisis'

1,352 arrived in this morning, transfered to port's passenger stations for now. -

German parliament approves stricter asylum regulations

As Sweden collapses Norway promises to close border ─►

UK Referendum / Brexit ......

Former Tory leader Michael Howard becomes latest to call for UK to leave EU

would "change Europe for ever and it would be for the worse," says

Evening standard poll shows: 44% want to stay and 41% want to leave, are we cancelling the ...

The Europhiles are lying about being legally binding, or being the same as pledge made to Denmark


Ciudadanos requests meeting with Popular Party chief Rajoy to persuade him to back agreement with Spain's Socialists

Editorial: The PSOE and Ciudadanos have come up with a modest plan, which is more than other Spanish parties can say

Majority of Spaniards want to see Popular Party leader Mariano Rajoy step down – Metroscopia poll


Three pct of Greeks pay 42 pct of income tax

Deposits slid in January after December blip

Greek PM holds new round of talks with farmers

Katrougalos: Pensions will not be cut again

Union of Centrists chief repeats call for unity government

Lawyers extend strike to March 4

The Majority of Greeks Declared Incomes Less Than 10,000 Euros for 2015

Greek PM to Meet With Leader of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats