Tuesday, January 26, 2016

MENA Report - January 26 , 2016 - Full Plate Of Items ( 1. Syria & Iraq Battleground & Political Front Reports. 2. Afghanistan - Stuck Forever Update , ISIS / Taliban / Don't Really Want To Leave. 3. Libya Battlefield & Political Updates. 4. Yemen - Saudi Imposed Nightmare Continues For Yemen's Civilians. 5. ISIS Around The World Updates. 6. Refugees Caught In The Midle , Like Civilians. 7. Iran " Come Up " Continues After Successful Nuclear Deal. 8. Algeria & Tunisia Making News. 9. Saudi Update - Kingdom Trembling. 10. Odds & Ends. )


Pentagon on Afghanistan: US 'Can't Really Leave'

UN Hopes Six-Month Syria Talks to Start Friday

Libya's UN-Recognized Parliament Rejects UN-Backed Govt

Saudi Strike Kills Anti-Hadi Judge in Yemen, Six Relatives

Europol Claims ISIS Has Training Camps Across the EU

Mass Grave Found in Ramadi; 167 Killed Across Iraq

Czechs to Send Guns, Ammunition to Iraq and Jordan to Fight ISIS

Kurds Accuse Syria Pro-Govt Militia of Bombings

In Berlin, Little Optimism Ahead of Syria Peace Talks

Syria's US-Backed Rebel Alliance Expanding Landing Field for Non-Combat Goals: Spokesman

Arab Monarchies Turn Down Syrian Refugees Over Security Threat

French Official Calls on Paris to Send Troops to Calais Over Migrants

'Running Out of Time', EU Puts Greece, Schengen on Notice

Denmark's Daylight Robbery of Refugees

Refugee Center Worker Stabbed to Death by Migrant in Sweden

MSF Calls for Inquiry Into Deadly Yemen Hospital Attack

Yemen's Healthcare System Left in Tatters Due to Saudi Bombing Campaign

Deals and Warms Words Flow as Iranian President Visits Europe

Italian PM Says New Business Accords With Iran 'Just the Beginning'

Libya Lost $68 Billion in Attacks on Oil, Industry Chief Says

Tunisian Police Protest Over Pay in New Test for Government

Algeria President Takes Control of Security Services: Media

Tweets Of Note......

Massoud tells politicians that referendum on independence needs 2b held before presidential elections r held.

Gas price hike, subsidy cuts shake up Saudis
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Based on public positions (incl- SAA must end sieges/RUS airstrikes must be halted -before Talks)-will HNC attend ?

Libya's Tripoli-based NOC chair increasingly critical of PFG (Jathran). Tells NOC will recommend to new govt that it be disbanded

Parliament votes to dissolve dialogue committee headed by Imhamed Shoaib, will elect new one next week.
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65 incidents in Baghdad most since 3rd wk of July as IS terror campaign in capital continues

Russia and Iran are working to broker honest ceasefires in Syria, and they might just work:
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Khomeini's grandson barred from Iran election on Feb. 26 by
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:Jadran,charged w/ protecting oil ports,tried to sell pirated oil in 2012, accused of stealing billions in oil

Parliament holding debate on the political agreement a day after rejecting the unity govt's composition.
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Update 2- Army establishes full control over al-Sheikh Miskeen in Daraa countryside