Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( January 26 , 2016 ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Greece Items of Note - Sell-offs / Troika/ Quad Talks / Strikes & Protests / Refugee Blame-scaping Of Greece 2. 30,000 Ft View of Refugee/ Economic Migration & Border Security Issues Touching upon Europe. 3.Latest Corruption Scandal touching On PP - Valencia , Spain . 4. France Protests Go White Hot . 5. Fake Arse Central Bankers & HFTer Markets - Consider State Of Play Between Asian Close & US Close .

Evening Wrap.......

Europe In Focus ....

Confiscation of undeclared assets under way

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OLP clash threatens sell-off
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Gov’t warned: Implement bailout deal

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Have to agree with pov of view of Greece here. Major redirection & "blame-scaping" taking place.

Greece official observes Greece will not become a cemetery of souls. So , this is about to become very bitter.

Sailors to keep ferries tied up Wednesday, Thursday
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Sellers at farmers’ markets go on strike

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Refugee/ Economic Migration / Border Security

3 injured in French camp shooting & stabbing
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More than 1200 boat migrants rescued off Libya on Tuesday: Italian coast guard

North Rhine-Westphalia minister demands 'equal distibution' of North African refugees

Even if one has healthy skepticism of Russian intentions-German Police credibility shaken since NYE Cologne debacle

Of all of the stupid things to do - destruction of evidence allegedly ordered by German Government itself.

Divergence of opinion -
status (legal refug vs econ migr )-not limited to EU nations , divergence at EUC itself ?

Tighter borders force thousands to sleep at Greek gas stations
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Harsh criticism from Fico regarding EU Policy.

parliament backs controversial bill to confiscate asylum seekers' valuables to pay for upkeep ~

The size of this camp ( 400,000 ) , certainly has the potential for controversy for Greece.

Spanish Politics- PP Corruption Rears Head Again....

PSOE spokesman also says Rajoy's word is "worth less than a junk bond" after he led King a merry dance on Friday over confidence vote.

PP Scandal eruption !

France In Focus.......

VIDEO - Paris: Hundreds of Taxi drivers blockade strategically important porte Maillot
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MORE: Teachers & air traffic controllers on strike against poor salaries, flights cancelled
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Blockades & protests in France, police arrest 20 people, spraying tear gas (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
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Recall -This was the early news - Asia rout and oil under 30 again ! Now go figure stock action in Europe & US ?

Good morning from Berlin. It's risk-off again: Asia markets retreat as breaks <$30 again. at 13mth low.
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Last weeks rally a distant memory. Nikkei ends down 2.4% at 16708.90 while Yen strengthens beyond 118 per Dollar.
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