Saturday, January 2, 2016

MENA Report ( January 2 , 2016 ) News Round Up ( 1. Saudi Arabia Executes 47 On Terror charges , Including Shi'it Cleric Nimr al-Nimr . 2, Iraq/ Syria Regional War - Battlefield & Political Updates 3. Turkish Internal Security Items . 4. Taliban In Focus As Afghanistan Starting To Boil Again. 5. Tel Aviv & Israel Being Drawn Into MENA Insecurity Bubble . 6. Libya Internal Insecurity & Political Machinations Items . 7. Yemen Ceasefire Declared Over - Although One Could Scarcely Tell There Was A Ceasefire At All . )


Over 52,000 Killed in Iraq During 2015

Rival Taliban Factions Reach Ceasefire, But Mansour Absent

Erdogan Seeks More Power, Citing 'Hitler's Germany'

Two Dead, Seven Wounded in Tel Aviv Shooting Attack

Germany Lifts Alert After Overnight Munich Panic

ISIS Forces Attack Key Iraq Army Base Near Ramadi

US-Backed Syrian Kurds Gain Territory Around Northern Aleppo

Taliban Car Bomber Hits French Restaurant in Afghan Capital

74 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Attacks Ramadi Army Base

Terrified Families Emerge From Rubble After Battle of Ramadi

Unhappy in Europe, Some Iraqis Return Home

One Soldier, Two Police, 12 Kurdish Militants Killed in Turkey's Southeast

Yemen Pro-Government Fighters Kill al-Qaeda Leader in South

Saudi Says Three Civilians Killed in Missile Fire From Yemen



Abdulrahman Sweihli meets w/ UN envoy Martin Kobler, said he expressed reservations, doubts about agreement

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Unity Govt's Presidential Council holds its first meeting. The meeting took place in .
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UN envoy to 'humiliated', forced to leave Libya at once - كوبلر رفض أي دور للمؤتمر في مراجعة اتفاق الصخيرات

- How long will the GNA & the UNSC tolerate the "spoilers" -Is the UNSC going to apply sanctions or even sanctions won't have effect?

- the GNA's presidential council members met in Tunis yesterday for the first time. It is not clear when they'll be back in .

- GNC in continues to resist the relocation of the GNA to & says it won't recognize the Gov. What will GNA do?

U.N. envoy urges rivals to end bloodshed
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Breaking: UN envoy Kobler abruptly forced out of Tripoli tonight for holding unapproved media session (video)

Saiqa (Special Forces): 263 members killed, more than 500 wounded as a result of clashes in 2015.
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102 dead, 451 wounded as a result of terrorist groups targeting residential areas in during 2015.

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Saudi Arabia / Iraq/ Syria / Turkey......

MidEast leaders lash out at Saudi Arabia over cleric's execution, protests erupt

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Bahrain says Saudi Arabia's implementation of sentences was a necessary step to maintain security

In The Arabian Peninsula Condemns Execution Of Its Prisoners, Vows To Retaliate Against
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Middle East condemns Saudi execution of Shia cleric - live

Sheikh Nimr had been arrested several times before by the Saudi government. He was known to be outspoken representative of Shia rights

Saudi Arabia executes Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, the country's top Shia cleric. A terrible and shocking move.

"The executions took place in 12 cities in Saudi Arabia, four prisons using firing squads and the others beheading..

Iran reactions 2 execution of al-Nimr: FM: Riyadh to pay heavy price Tomorrow: Seminaries shut down in Qom, protest at KSA embassy in Tehran

Saudi Arabia & alliance announces end of Yemen truce. [Execute and end truce in Yemen. Match?]

ISIS suicide car bombs target Iraqi troops in Ramadi: 
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Iraq says IS suicide car bombs strike troops in Ramadi, where militants were driven out:

British soldiers 'may face prosecution for Iraq war crimes'

ISIS lost serious ground across Iraq and Syria in 2015. This map show where.

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In 2015 too many countries spoiled a war. Syria

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Kurdish-Arab coalition captures villages from armed opposition groups in northern Syria

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Iraqi forces attempt to clear 'IS' pockets out of Ramadi
1-Currently, the state follows a controlled yet systematic massacre policy on the people in Cizre.
2-The purpose is a postmodern deportation, and then demolishing the city. This is their solution.

France launches air strike against oil sites near stronghold in Syria (file pic)
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4 facts after 9 months of war via
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Is Sunni-Shia sectarianism poisoning ? Read ’s analysis:

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: The war the world forgot. Watch 's report from September

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Saudi intercepts missile fired from Yemen:

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Could the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen be fracturing?
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