Friday, January 29, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( January 29 , 2016 ) - US In Focus ( 1. Treasuries on the move today. 2. US Debt heading ever higher. 3. LBO Market has shutdown. 4. Hillary in focus. 5. GOP Debate sans Trump - although it really wasn't. 6. Odds & Ends. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. NIRP items of the day. 2. Greece items of the day. 3. Refugee/ Economic Migration / Border Security items. 4. Brexit / UK - EU Negotiation. 5. Odds & Ends. ) MENA / Emerging Nations / Oil ( 1. Syria Talks lurch forward. 2. Turkey and Kurds issues weigh on resolutions of Iraq & Syria. 3. Oil items of the day. 4. Zika news of note today. 5. Refugee Crisis - MENA angles. 6. Libya in focus. ) Asia ( 1. Japan & China in focus )

Evening Wrap......

US Items today.....

2-year Treasury yields sees steepest decline in 6 years

$18,989,803,014,663.70 (+)


NEW: State Dept.: 22 emails from Hillary Clinton's private server have been marked "Top Secret", won't be released.

Clinton now complaining of over-classification. In 2011, Clinton, condemning Manning, said:
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Even when not at the last debate before the,Iowa Caucus , Trump still "big footed" everyone else.

Fed hiking into this would be spitting into a fierce wind.

UMich 92.0, Exp. 93.0, Exp. 93.3

was target at while avoided blowback for skipping, writes

BREAKING: CDC confirms 6 cases of Zika virus in Texas.
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Europe At Large , ECB & NIRP ......

Negative rates
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10 countries have 5Y govt bonds with negative yields

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$5.5 Trillion In Government Bonds Now Have Negative Yields, Covering 23% Of Global GDP

Greek sailors' strike strands migrants on islands

Still no pickup in Greek retail sales
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Greek producer prices down 7.8 pct y-on-y in December
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Mediterranean deaths soar as people-smugglers get crueller, IOM says
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Problem presented by Dutch solution is that it violates asylum laws and undermines fundamental obligations.

TR chief: "Push-backs are illegal and our staff need to abide by this rule"

What Oil Production Cuts: Iran Says It Won't Support Any Supply Cut Or An Emergency OPEC Meeting

EU referendum poll: Remain: 55% (-3) Leave: 36% (+4) (via Ipsos Mori / 23 - 25 Jan) Chgs. from December.
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Athens transport to be disrupted on Tuesday as workers strike

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Farmers set up Attica road block as minister hints at little prospect for pension concessions

Greek bank deposits rise 2 pct in December
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Catalan separatist party CDC currently inclined to vote against PSOE-Podemos gov't in Spanish parliament. Crucial.

British MEPs rip into potential EU renegotiation "emergency brake" deal | The Parliament

Poland against "emergency brake" solution on UK migrant workers

Lenders to start Greek reform review next week, EC says
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40 % in Focus OnLine Poll think Merkel should resign , 45 % say she should stay.

Grenade thrown at refugee shelter in Germany: police reports
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Eurozone inflation accelerates to 0.4% BUT way below target despite bal sheet expansion

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Oops! credit growth slows in Dec to 0.6% from 1.2% as Bank lending to Corp growth 0.3% YoY vs 0.9% in Nov.

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's economy grows 0.8% in Q4 2015 (Q3: +0.8%). up 3.2% over 2015. Charted against our here

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German retail sales up 1.5% y/y in December, down from +2.4% in Nov and slowest pace of growth for 7 months

MENA/ Emerging Nations/ Oil ......

Doesn't Turkey want the end of sieges impacting Syrian Cities & Towns though ?

Electricity supply in 's region hit by blast via

Main Syrian opposition group says will participate in Geneva talks after receiving assurances

BREAKING: Canada has four recent cases of , all from travelers: Public health agency

This is what Iran has been repeatedly saying since bef sanctions were set to be lifted & since sanctions were lifted

3bn pledged to Turkey not paid yet. Turkey tapping its foot and waiting on the EU to fulfill all of their promises.

Updated figures on Syria's 4.6 million refugees
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Bloomberg: increases production by 48k barrel per day in Jan. Output hits fresh high at 33.113mln bbl/d.
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: Migrant crisis: 26 drown off Samos island near Turkey - BBC News

": blunders migrant figures " Timmerman's statement looks incorrect.

": Q & A about the situation in with - A Country in Chaos - The Cipher Brief "

ISIS-Nusra clashes reignite on Lebanon-Syria border, 3 dead

Death toll in al-Ahsa mosque bombing rises: at least 4 killed and 18 injured.


Moderate opposition can't attend Geneva talks without ceasefire, Erdoğan says
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So , will all producers agree ?

How intends to occupy northern - Map update

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Japan & China......

Bank of Japan adopts unprecedented negative interest rate BOJ cuts to minus 0.1

stock markets closed higher as Bank of surprised investors w/ adoption of negative interest rates.
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Nikkei ends up 2.8% at 17518.30 while Yen weakens by 1.5% vs Dollar after BoJ stunned mkts w/ adoption of neg rates.

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BOJ NIRP?? Poor Japanese banks share prices plunging to new 52-week lows... 哀れな...

Well that was fun while it lasted. Nikkei reverses course sharply, drops 850 points after initial post-BOJ euphoria.
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Other than US HSBC halted Tuhao mortgage, QDII products have been restricted too. 1 word-- No capital outflow!

Good morning from Berlin. Asia risk mkts mixed despite Japan has adopted negative rates as investors a bit concerned
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