Thursday, January 28, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( Evening Wrap - January 28 , 2016 ) - US- Post Fed Meeting Items ( 1. Earning Misses - Amazon and Caterpillar .2. Soft Data - Durables and Jobless Claims Misses 3. Zika - Not Just South America Anymore ) MENA News ( 1. Syria Talks - Many Hurdles & Miles To Go Here. 2. Iraq Items - Battle For Mosul In Focus. 3. Oil Spikes In Price With Rumblings Of Potential Output Cuts , However Slim These Might Be At This Time. 4. Libya Political Situation Still Clear As Mud , ISIS To Be Hit Whenever A Gov't Can Be Approved It Would Appear . 5. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee / Border Security. 2. Brexit / UK Negotiation With EU Items . 3. ECB Comments from BUBA's Weidmann Sparks Euro Move Higher In Price Relative to USD. 5. Disneyland Paris averts Terror Event. 6. Schengen In Focus. 6. Germany Inflation Data. 7. Polish Currency Worst In Europe - Even Worst Than Ruble. 8. Odds & Ends. )

Evening Wrap....

Asia Update - Early Friday Morning .......



Bill financing fraud is en vogue in China- Citic Bank the latest, $152m "risk incident" after AgBank's $578m oopsie.

Here Is The Reason For January's Selloff: Chinese Capital Outflows Soar To Second Highest Ever

US Items......

Ouch! shares tumble 10% as profits fall short of expectations.
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Big miss today.

This Trend Is Not Your Friend - Initial Jobless Claims Average Surges To 10-Month Highs

WHO sees 3-4 million cases of Zika virus, role in birth defects

Breaking News: The Zika virus is “spreading explosively” in the Americas, world health officials say

"This mosquito can go all the way up to Washington DC" - Global health law expert Lawrence Gostin tells me

MENA News ......

Opposition scuppers Syria peace talks over ‘unconvincing’ answers

KDP’s Mosul man says military plans for liberation have been drawn

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A divided Syrian opposition in complete disarray is exactly the kind of opposition Russia wants to present

"The proposal did not come directly from Saudi Arabia but rather from OPEC members Venezuela + Algeria": Gulf source

Saudis have said they won’t act as balance for global oil market, are preparing for lower prices for longer: Macquarie

Layers upon layers of thorny, foundational issues to work through , before substantive Talks can begin.

": Syria opposition says talks unlikely to begin on Friday "
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As Syrian civilians starved to death, U.N. officials let Damascus alter its Humanitarian Response Plan.

Analyses omit key facts:
-key power brokers[militias]have been excluded -delegates agreed to GNA,not the HOR/GNC

So much for that story. OPEC denies plan for any Meeting with Russia , but short squeeze successfully played.

Russian Energy Minister suggesting a cut of up to 5% for each country could be on the table at the meeting with OPEC and non-OPEC countries

Opposition Demands Goodwill Gestures Before Joining Talks + more in today's Executive Summary |

Italian Defense Min: We are working w/ US, France & Britain to gather info and develop possible plans against
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Netherlands plans to send refugees in Greece back to Turkey
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Danish police accused of manipulating rape statistics to hide ‘hundreds’ of cases

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David Cameron closing in on deal for brake on benefits for EU migrants

Finland expects to expel 20,000 failed asylum seekers, interior ministry says

German coalition reaches deal on new asylum laws, says deputy chancellor
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jumps to $1.0962 after hawkish Buba's Weidmann comments. Warns not to go too far with govt bond purchases
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PM: , can’t solve refugee issue without me
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BREAKING: European man, 28, arrested at Disnyeland Paris; his bag contained guns and copy of Koran: Police source

It turns out Sweden also has laws to take money from refugees for food and board.
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Excellent primer regarding Schengen provisions

GERMANY JAN PREL. HICP +0.4% Y/Y, -0.9% M/M, DEC +0.2% Y/Y


Note German laws much more strict on confiscation than Denmark's new law.

Italy claims Google has evaded around €300 million in taxes
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| Gold and Forex Reserve w/e Jan 22nd: $369.3B v $368.3B
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A number of important Italian Banks halted limit down.

EU proposal on UK deal expected next week, Tusk to meet Cameron in London on Sunday. 's latest

plans to expel up to 80,000 asylum-seekers: Minister
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Another day, another attack at one of Sweden's centres for unaccompanied refugee youth
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Tsipras from Tel Aviv: Greece will Be Fully Prepared to Deal with Refugee Crisis in February

| Q4 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE: 20.9% V 21.2%E ...rajoyce
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| Retail sales miracle

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Morning Note: 1. Deutsche Bank IB posts loss. 2. UK 4Q GDP ahead. 3. Door closing on March hike?
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Ten Spanish corruption scandals that will take your breath away
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