Thursday, December 24, 2015

MENA Report ( December 24 - 25 , 2015 ( Iraq , Syria , Turkey , Afghanistan , Libya , ISIS In focus )


Russia, Taliban Share Intel in Fight Against ISIS

ISIS Claims Counterattacks, Ambushes in Ramadi

Obama Sought Contacts With Assad Govt for Years

US-Backed Syrian Kurds Seize Northern Territory, Nearing Key Dams

Under UN Deal, ISIS Fighters to Leave Syria Refugee Camp

Turkish PM Accuses Top Kurdish Politician of 'Treason' Over Russia Jet Comments

Clashes Persist in Turkey's Southeast; PKK Militants Killed in Attack on Police

Militants Blow-Up Christian Homes; 84 Killed in Iraq

Turkish Minister: Iraq's Stability Depends on Capture of Mosul

Triple ISIS Suicide Attack Kills 11 Syrian Govt Fighters

131 Killed in Iraq as Fighting Continues in Ramadi

Wave of Attacks Kills at Least 15 Civilians Across Iraq

Turkey's Southeast Hit by More Clashes, Militants Launch Bomb Attack

Turkey's Southeast Hit by More Clashes, Militants Launch Bomb Attack

Iranian Foreign Minister Says US Visa Law 'Breaches Nuclear Deal'

Republicans, Administration Spar on Visa Travel for Iran


Syria / Iraq / Turkey .....

"Important: A Jihadi source denies withdrawal from southern Damascus but confirms a deal on civilian evacuation"

And SOHR confirms just an evacuation of civilians + some combatants (but doesn't say any from IS)

PM vows to take after securing

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FM: World powers must stop fighters entering from and

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Did Turkey just indicate it tolerates an independent Kurdistan? via

Kirkuk police chief dismissed; Kurd to be nominated in his place via

’s air force conducted 5,240 sorties in since Sept. 30
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"4,000 fighters and civilians, including members of Al-Nusra & IS, will leave" Yarmuk, Qadam, Hajar al-Aswad Saturday, gov't official says

: Some 4,000 people, half of them jihadist fighters, will exit three southern Damascus suburbs tomorrow as part of new ceasefire deal

In case you were wondering how desperate ISIS has become in the face of the various airstrikes & ground actions.

Iraq FM vows all legal measures If refuses to withdraw troops

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Arab League demands immediate Turkish withdrawal from (AFP pic)

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Turkey is experiencing a massive internet outage for banks which is suspected to be a cyberattack.

Russia and India support Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity — joint statement

forces far from partially withdrawing: Defense Ministry
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-Arab alliance pushes back in north Syria: Spokesman

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Assad government is willing to join Syria peace talks in Geneva next month

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Why ' can easily become a new '

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OPINION: deal on course, but who is on board? Columnist Abdallah Schleifer writes

Today marks 64 years since gained its independence on December 24, 1951. Happy Independence Day!
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Shoaib: Parliamentary session to approve political agreement to be held next week.
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tells residents celebrating 's independence day will be punished, demolishes shrines and graves

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- if the moderates who support political agreement & GNA cannot protect it (physically) will the UNSC decide to intervene with force?

further divided into: "brotherhood" "secular" "internationalists" & IS "Camouflaged Gaddafists" & LNA "Haftar Army"

has a caretaker PM (Thinni-beyda), a new internationally recognised PM (Serraj- location tbc) & non- recognised PM (Ghuweil- tripoli)

Advise : if you want Libyans to support GNA, start by releasing text of political agreement signed 17 Dec so all can read it.

Tripoli NOC has agreed deals with 2 outside firms to sell oil. Tobruk NOC has agreed sale 2m barrels week Egypt. Which deals survive?

ISIS - Afghanistan / Pakistan Taliban ......

Russia sharing intel with...the Taliban. In Afghanistan. To fight . Next will they be sharing it with ?

Pakistan Taliban reject ISIS leader’s claim to be ‘caliph’

In Bizarre Alliance, Russia Teams With The Taliban In ISIS Fight