Thursday, December 24, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( December 24 , 2015 ) Europe In Focus ( Refugee Crisis Updates , Spanish Election Items Of Note - The Challenge Of Forming A Government , Poland's Constitutional Crisis , Russia In Focus , Uk Items Of Note ) ..... Asia / Emerging Nations In Focus ( Asia stocks mixed despite oil climbed for 4th day and strong data from US -- China , India , Brazil , Commodity Items , New Zealand Market Hits New High )


LIVE:Looks like US is 'compensating' for 'useless' by expanding them-

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Merkel Claus & helper Hollande offered Cameron a little less than his Xmas wishlist

UK North Sea monthly oil production is expected to rise to a 2 year high in December due to delay in Buzzard field maintenance

EU warns on rule of law as constitutional crisis escalates
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Charted: The slow collapse of the Russian economy

- French unemployment dipped by 0.4 percent in November

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| Podemos' Iglesias says he's ready to talk with PSOE's Díaz & other party leaders, 'they seem to have more leverage than Sánchez'.

| Interesting poll result:
In case of new elex, 3.4% of PP voters cld change vote, 11.7% of PSOE voters

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Brent Crude down 0.8% today, close to breaching $37 mark

18 refugees dead as boat sinks off the Aegean Sea coast of Turkey
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Christmas in the Jungle: It's the worst time of year for thousands of refugees in Calais:

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| PSOE's Díaz takes on party chief Sánchez: Decision for gov coalition will be taken by the party not by you

The UK will take fewer refugees over the next 5 years than arrived this week in Greece. And he dares to say this:

CSU politician calls for unemployed EU migrants to be denied all benefits to dis-incentivise “poverty migration”

Migrants scared some people in 2015. Here’s one of our most popular KAL cartoons

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Further confirmation needed - but something to watch !

If IMF doesn't give new loan, funding gap is €7bn, Can be covered without new ESM loan, from Privatzn Fund w MoU amendment.

Pig’s funeral: Coffin brought to Ukraine parliament as hundreds protest new budget (VIDEO)

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Ninth terrorist suspected in Paris attacks was arrested in Belgium

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Abengoa take out emergency loan (maturing March 17 2016) from creditor banks: Rtrs

Abengoa's collapse:17-year-old schoolboy spotted accounting discrepancies apparently overlooked by analysts

Ιn other news, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in still firmly remains the 3rd biggest party in parliament.

Asia / Emerging Nations.....

Turkey is experiencing a massive internet outage for banks which is suspected to be a cyberattack.

Christmas present to the world: My favorite BBG function 
Commodities Playbook. {cply <GO>}

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Is India the only bright spot of the world economy?

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BREAKING: British Embassy Beijing has received information of possible threats against Westerners in the Sanlitun area of Beijing

IMF: With Oil at $50 per barrel, Oman's current account deficit will be a staggering 24% of GDP in 2016

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Quick look at the markets. Asia stocks mixed despite oil climbed for 4th day and strong data from US.

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Sri Lankan Government Official Busted For "Smuggling Gold Bars In Rectum"

China Proposes A Fix For Its Crashing Housing Market: "Transplant" 100 Million Farmers Into Its Cities

New Zealand stock market gains to fresh record high on Christmas Eve

MERRY CHRISTMAS: Asian Stocks Advance as Crude Oil Futures Rise for Fourth Day

declares emergency after 2,400 babies are born with brain damage, possibly due to mosquito-borne virus

Zimbabwe is making the Chinese yuan one of its legal currencies via

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Modi in Moscow: Can oil, defence, and nuclear energy still bring India and Russia closer?​

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