Saturday, December 12, 2015

MENA Report ( December 12 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War , Yemen Proxy War , Libya In Focus - Peace Process On Track Perhaps , ISIS Global War Updates , Additional MENA Related Odds & Ends .....


60 Civilians Killed as ISIS Bombs NE Syrian Town

Iraqi Military Claims 'Great Gains' in Ramadi Fight

Six Killed as Taliban Attacks in Kabul Embassy Guesthouse

France, Britain, and Italy All Expanding ISIS War Into Libya

Assad: Won't Talk to Armed 'Terrorist Groups' in Peace Process

Putin: Russia Supporting Free Syrian Army Against ISIS

ISIS Can Make Fake Syrian Passports: US Report

51 Killed Across Iraq as Battle for Ramadi Progresses Slowly

Turks Keeping Troops in Iraqi Camp, Baghdad Turns to UN

Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Says Government Should Not Tolerate Infringement of Sovereignty

ISIS-Linked Groups Were Present at Syria Talks, Iran Says

Russia Says Fight Against ISIS Hindered by Focus on Assad Regime Change

Syrian Armed Groups Get Most Seats in Committee Set for Talks With Assad

Turkey Lifts, Then Reimposes Curfew in Battered Kurdish City

Amnesty: Saudi-Led Coalition 'Targeting' Schools in Yemen

Tunisia Reopens Libya Border


Iraq / Syria Regional War......

Foreign fighters in Iraq and Syria has more than doubled since last year up to 31,000

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Iraq Appeals to demanding immediate withdrawal of ’s troops
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: UK not to send ground troops to Iraq as foreign ground troops are not welcome: British Defense Secretary

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15 killed by car bomb in Homs, Syria, governor says –

slams Riyadh talks as not representing 'entire opposition' ~ | ← True. Kurds and Assyrians (Christians) not invited.

Syria won’t negotiate w/foreign terrorists, but only national&patriotic opposition – Assad
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Houthis say ceasefire in Yemen to start on December 14

Saudi Arabia just started bombing schools in the world's 'forgotten war'

US Congress to review arms sales to Saudis as their coalition keeps killing Yemen civilians.

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Experts say is in a state of emergency and just one step away from widespread famine

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To understand why rushing to approve political deal for is risky read also: by Emma Bonino and JM Guéhenno

’s Air Force kills over 15 militants, injures senior commander
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Car bomb kills 15 in Al-Zahraa neighborhood of Homs just days after local Syria truce deal

Thousands Of Militiamen Stage Anti-Turkey Protests In Baghdad As Iraq Lodges Security Council Complaint

Anti- demonstration in today. (Is that al-Maliki there on the front?) /ht

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AFP reports on confusion over who has agreed to what in UN peace process

Not clear why UN does not want Libya's parliaments to agree the peace deal by Dec 16, only their delegates.

Mohamed says 's non-UN deal was not authorized by leadership, is an effort by to gain ground

U.N. seeks $166 million in humanitarian aid

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Which way forward for a Libya deal - UN or Tunis? talks w/

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