Friday, December 11, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( December 12 , 2015 ) Europe In Focus ( Russia keeps interest rates the same / ruble falls along with oil . Greece Economic and political items . Spain Election nugget - PSOE bungles debate and plummets to fourth place. Italian Industrial production increases. ECB related items . EU action delayed regarding sanctions on Russia . Climate Change Talks hit stretch run ) ...... Asia and Emerging markets In focus (Asia stock markets slip on commodity sell-off and China Yuan hits 4-1/2y low-- Various China items of note , Currency matters , commodity crush continues ) ..... Refugee Crisis ( Items of the day )


Evening wrap.....

Doing the time warp again....

UK moving toward military action against ISIS in Libya. Following similar inclination of France ?

Turkey yet to address refugee flows, says PM
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Worried Italians seek to sell out of bank bonds Sellers heading to the exits - and how crowded are they ?

Syrian refugees walk along the roads of the town of Idomeni, northern Greece to cross the border and enter Macedonia
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-creditors reach on next portion of 1 bln euros funds

No one insults The Sultan..

Chart: Brent crude down 5.5%; amazing ...
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China has 2 days to halt the Fed rate hike

'Anything but Le Pen': French turn to tactical voting to stop far right


Italy blocking EU extension of sanctions on Russia.

MNI: EU Split on Greece Debt Relief; IMF Role Questionable

Majority of Germans disagree w Merkel's "Wir schaffen das" refugee policy, acc to TNS-Emnid/Focus poll. 49% disagree 44% agree

Two detained in Finland over ISIS executions in Tikrit | Yle Uutiset | Yes , ISIS is in Europe !

Crash: Next key level for Brent is 2008 intraday low of $36.20 (and $36.61 close)
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Ukraine pushed to mend fences with Russia to keep IMF rescue via

Morning report....

Alleged executioners featured in youtube video of Tikrit massacre arrested in Finnish centre:

My thoughts for blog ahead of 2nd round of French regional election. Moment of truth approaches.

There goes the planet: Global talks stumble near finish line


Greek government and creditors agree on selloff fund, ADMIE, continue talks on NPLs

Tsipras defends policy decisions on bank recapitalization, migration

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Debate fiasco sends Spain's struggling socialists plummeting in the polls
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Ruble tracking oil price beautifully, buffering weak Russian economy. CBR governor doing a great job.


refugee spending could reach €55bn/year, Kiel Institute for the World Economy says in scenario-based calculations. (BBG)

EU said to delay sanctions decision on Italian concerns. (BBG)

heads for worst week since March as IEA sees global glut lasting until late 2016.

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's Draghi has wiped out a market cap of around $1.3trn in global stock markets w/ his communication failure.

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Where has all the ECB money gone? Eurosystem excess liquidity rises to €592.5bn, highest level since 2013.

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Carbon prices drop as Paris climate talks enter ‘Crunch Time’ with divisions over deal.

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Emerging markets and Asia.....

South African Rand continues its fall, hits fresh historic low.

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Nigeria's Naira currency hits record low vs USD

Shanghai Composite trades down as Yuan's further depreciation deepens worries of capital outflow.

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enters currency war: Yuan falls to 4-1/2y low as Central Bank steps back.

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Good morning from Berlin. Asia stock markets slip on commodity sell-off and Yuan hits 4-1/2y low.

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China 'Stealth' Devaluation Continues - Yuan Plunges For 6th Day, Default Risk Soars, Fosun Bonds Crash

Credit Suisse Warns On China: "Some Companies Are Having To Borrow To Pay Staff Salaries"

Chinese Executives love the Game of HIDE-AND-SEEK ?? Where're you...? (pic from )

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Oops... New restriction on ATM (UnionPay) card overseas withdrawal effective Jan.01 2016: Limitation of 10k RMB daily to 100k RMB per year.

List of Fosun Int'l overseas stake:-
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BREAKING: 2 flagship firms of China's largest private enterprise Fosun Group suspend stock trading from 9am today after Chair Guo "missing"

Fosun Listed Units Halted Amid Questions About Founder's Whereabouts: Fosun Group halted tr...

Refugee Situation .....

"The EU has chosen to flex its muscle w/ its weakest member", scapegoating Greece in refugee crisis. By @nmalkoutzis

rapid reaction border forces to include up to 1,200 people

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Great reporting on the shameful, shambolic response to the on

In photos: 53 photographs from 2015 testify to the Syrian

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World goes '': US, European right-wing parties on rise
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Looking back at a that dominated ’s agenda in 2015
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Refugee crisis: We talk to the Syrian women left behind and struggling to survive

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