Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MENA Report ( November 4-5 , 2015 ) ..... Syria / Iraq Regional War And Political Developments ...... Libya Updates - Putting Aside Daily Battles And Political Crisis De Jour , Shocking Report Of The Day Involves Scandal Involving " Soon To Be Former UN Envoy" Leon Conflicts Of Interests - Simply Staggering account ( h/t twirp Rana Jawad And The Guardian ) And Perhaps Fatal Blow To Dialogue Talks ..... Additional Items Of Note On Turkey , Yemen , Refugee Situation And More !


US Planes Shot Doctors Fleeing Kunduz Hospital

Pentagon Vows More Arms Drops to Syria Rebels

Pentagon Farmed Out Its Coding to Russia

UN Libya Envoy Gets £1,000-A-Day From One Side in War

Intel Points to ISIS Bomb on Russian Plane

Russia: Rival Rebels Giving Details on ISIS Targets

At Least 33 Killed as Fighting Escalates in Yemen's Taiz

Russian FM: Negotiators Must Decide Which Rebels Are Legitimate

56 Killed in Iraq as Fighting Continues Near Ramadi

Kurdish Intelligence Chief Says Deadly Raid Freed Baathists

Syrian Army Regains Control of Aleppo Supply Route

Amnesty Condemns Syria for Disappearance of Detainees

Flush With Victory, Combative Erdogan Demands Turkey Constitution Change

Clashes With Kurdish Militants Kill 18 in Southeast Turkey

Israel: No Public Position on Assad Staying in Power

Cameron Not Abandoning Plans for UK Parliament Vote on Syria

Pentagon: Interaction With Russian Plane Not a Real 'Exercise'

Fighting in Anbar Heats Up, 226 Killed Across Iraq

'New Turkey' to Bear Erdogan's Stamp as Crackdown on Dissent Steps Up

Turkey 'Nokta' Magazine Editors Arrested in Istanbul for Alleged 'Coup Attempt'

Kremlin Says Inappropriate to Link Russia's Military Strategy in Syria With Egypt Jet Crash

Iranian Commander Killed in Syria: State Media

Russia Says Not Crucial to Keep Syria's Assad in Power: RIA Cites Foreign Ministry

Russia Has Sent Syria 100,000 Tonnes of Wheat as Aid: Sources

UN Refugee Chief: Funding Shortage Triggered Europe Arrivals

Slovenia PM Says Migrant Crisis Could Reignite Balkan Conflicts

Austrian Government Moves to Tighten Asylum Rules


[!!!!!] EU Commission predicts 3 million more migrants to arrive in bloc by the end of next year

Once again: there is no way to stop this. We can only manage it better.

Iraqis Seize Pistols with silencers. Planes Were Carrying US Weapons to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region via

Syria crisis tests newfound d├ętente between Washington and Tehran, reports.

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tehran times : Iran sees the situation improving in Syria -

Democratic senator: Obama still has no strategy for Syria

Russia's Syria force grows to 4,000, U.S. officials say

Mission Creep : The New Great Game in via

UN Syria Envoy de Mister says Syrians - Gov't and Opposition should join Peace Talks.

UNSMIL's is inheriting a negotiating process that was already difficult & riddled with mistrust. Even more so now.

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Forces holding Libya oil fields threaten to cut off exports

UN Libya envoy accepts £1,000-a-day job from backer of one side in civil war | The Guardian ... *tumbleweed*

UN credibility at question:Leon's conflicts of interest recently surfaced.Next he will work for a proxy in Libya war

Mish opines on EU refugee plans and offers his pov & potential solutions...

EU divisions regarding Assad...consider potential bia / agenda from media source naturally. Fwiw

Leon leaving , new Envoy coming aboard.

Libya chaotic political situation collides with EU'S chaotic refugee situation - result will be more chaos.

A-Raqqa hit hard by dozens of airstrikes. Water and electricity knocked off-line.

Changes to Leon's draft.

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Leon may be out of the role of Envoy , but apparently still in the mix regarding Libya.

Meanwhile regarding Aleppo , SAA regains control of a key supply line from ISIS.

Al Nusra looks to control key corridor into Homes , fights rebel force in power play.

Pentagon's Steve Warren: -n Arab Coalition forces backed by US & Turkey took from town of Al-Houl
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