Saturday, October 31, 2015

MENA Report ( October 31 , 2015 - November 1 , 2015 ) Key Iraq / Syria Regional War Battlefield And Political updates ; Iran - Initial Involvement In Syria Peace Talks ; Turkey In Focus - Elections On Sunday , Iraq And Syria Hot Button Issues For Erdogan And Turkey , Journalists Get Murdered In Turkey - The Ones Critical Of ISIS ; Libya - Battlefield And Political Updates ( Home And international ) Saudi Arabia In Focus - Syria Talks , Yemen , Domestic Concerns - Budgetary Pressures ; Yemen In Focus - Battlefield And Political Updates....

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Over 3,000 Killed in Iraq During October

ISIS Claims It Downed Russian Plane; 224 Dead


US to Send Special Operations Forces to Syria

Iraqi Militia Attacks MeK Camp, Killing 26

Italy Rushes More Bombs as Saudis Pound Yemen

Re-spinning, Obama Says Troops in Syria Won't Have 'Combat Mission'

German FM: Vienna Talks Yield No Agreement on Syria Transition

Next Syria Talks to Include Syrians

At Least 89 Killed as Syria Attacks Damascus Suburb

Russia Says No Country Can Use Military Force in Syria Without Government Approval

They Freed a Syrian Town From ISIS. Now They Have to Govern It.

Syria Opposition, Rebel Dismiss Iran Idea for Transition

Russia Sees Need for More Military Cooperation With US on Syria

Sanders Expresses Reservations About Obama's Deployment of Troops to Syria

Trenches, Tactics Help Rebels Survive Syria Onslaught

With Anti-ISIS US Troops in Syria, What Is the Strategy to Win Back Raqqa From ISIS?

Two Anti-ISIS Campaigners Shot, Beheaded in Turkey: Activist

Turkey Has Killed 2,000 Militants at Home and Abroad: Erdogan

Brazilian Cluster Munitions Suspected in Saudi Arabia-Led Coalition Attack

Yemen's Houthis Say Efforts to Find Political Solution Have Failed

Yemen's Shiite Rebels Release 20 Detainees in Western Region

UN Warns of Dire Food Situation in Yemen's Taiz

Witness: Unidentified Warplanes Are Striking ISIS in Libya

EU Mulls Libya Sanctions Over Stalled UN Peace Deal



Jerroushi: Air Force destroyed boat carrying weapons as it was approaching the Deriana area north of .

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Loy. sources: captured the town of - 1 of the most important insurgent strongholds in .

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Reports indicate and allied forces broke through enemy's frontline SE of strategic town.

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Syrian opposition activist tweets after posing in front of caged Alawites: "In front of cages with group of apes."

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Opp source: takes control of Al-Hamidi, Dadin & Jabal Kafr Haddad in south countryside


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Africa Intelligence: Officers killed in Helicopter shooting near were top commanders for Khalid Sharif

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Africa Intelligence: Belhadj working covertly against Unity Gov to avoid sanctions, wants a pivotal role for himself

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Belhadj against Unity Gov as Misrata holds security positions, wants executive power, has support of outside parties

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Don't let issue of Assad's fate hold up Syrian peace: UN chief

will allocate additional $100mln to support Syrian opposition

MSF: 70 dead, 550 injured after yesterday's rocket attacks on crowded market in Syrian town of Douma. Hospital badly damaged day before.

State Dept pledges US forces deployed to will not fight

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Iraq Defense Minister .: cannot be defeated by militarily alone – economic, social development are important .

Minister of Defense Khaled Al Obeidi: Ending the root causes of terrorism is what is needed.

map update: captured Al Jumaymah + Maryamayn. Insurgents retreat to strategic town .

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Take-aways - The victims ( managing editor Ibrahim Abdulkadir and Firza Hamdi, a reporter.) 1

Both were originally from the ISIS-held city of Raqqa. 2

By on 2 Syria journalists secretly reporting life under ISIS killed ystrd in Turkey via

both journalists were members of FSA and had been receiving death threats from ISIS for writing reports critical of ISIS. 3

Saudi FM: 2 sticking points in Vienna talks on Syria: timing of Assad & Iranian troops' exit

Move by NOC in Eastern to sell oil today or tomorrow is a serious development - it means actual split of NOC/CBL in

Seems as if Syria Gov't forces are making some advances as Opposition fighters lack weapons.

- today or tomorrow we will see 1st crude oil shipment sold by the NOC in Eastern - revenues to be deposited in new Bank Acc.

Low Brent prices , huge domestic budge requirements and huge outlays related to foreign policy take their toll

crash: responsibility claim rejected - latest updates

Russian minister denies terrorist involvement in Russian Airbus crash

Here is everything we know about the airliner crash so far:
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Reminder - Turkey has its Election Sunday !

Rival Libyan political leaders could face European asset freeze and travel sanctions .....

Jubeir: Next meeting after will be more focused as we'll talk departures of Assad & foreign forces.

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URGENT: truce not to be applicable to terrorists - Lavrov
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