Wednesday, October 21, 2015

MENA Report ( October 21-22 , 2015 ) Key updates for the ongoing Iraq / Syria Regional War with items of note on Turkey . Assad sweeps into Russia - even as Russia continues its airstrikes against ISIS and other designated terrorist groups ...... Libya political situation and battlefield state of play


US Tells Iraq to Choose Them or Russia in War

US General: Iraq Doesn't Want Russia's Help

New Canada Govt to Withdraw Jets From ISIS War

Taliban Threatens S. Afghan City, Civilians Flee

Iraqi PM Under 'Tremendous Pressure' to Ask Russia for Help

50 Killed in Fresh Iraq Bloodshed, 365 Bodies Found in Mass Graves

US, Russia Sign Syria Air Safety Deal but Keep Quarreling Over Aims

Syrian Arab Militias Dispute They Received US Airdrop of Ammunition

Russian DM Denies Report of Soldiers Killed in Syria

More Bombs for Baghdad; 35 Killed Across Iraq

Iraq Says Forces Recapture Refinery Town From ISIS Militants

Iraq Cholera Cases Grow, Spread to Kurdish Region

Watchdog to Probe Alleged Mustard Gas Use by ISIS

Residents in ISIS Syrian Capital Fear Military Conscription

Third Russian Air Strike on Syrian Rebel Group Kills Leader

Russia's Putin Says Terrorist Groups Seek to Destabilize More Regions After Syria

Fresh Wave of Displacement as Fighting in Syria Intensifies

Migrant Crisis: Arrivals to Greece Top 500,000

Iraq/ Syria / Turkey .....

Combat report: Russian Air Force carries out 53 sorties, hits 72 terrorist targets in Syria

US and Russia both hit ISIS hard today.

US, Turkey angered by Assad’s ‘red carpet’ visit to Moscow

Iraq’s Prime Minister is increasingly dependent on Shi’ite militia loyal to Iran:

Iraq’s ruling bloc urge PM to seek Russian airstrikes against

US sees ‘no indication’ Russia preparing to conduct airstrikes in Iraq

Putin briefed Erdo─čan on ’s visit to Moscow: Kremlin

Opposition furious at PM’s warning about return to era of unsolved murders

First Ukraine, now Syria: Russia’s “hybrid warfare” poses legitimate threat to US interests

PYD declaration of new Syria canton raises displacement fears among population

Qatar says it could intervene militarily in Syria

If Germany only wants Syrians, y not close searoute then fly only Syrians 2 Germany instead of this humiliating trip

If Germany wants 2have only Syrians, it must make clear 2 others that they should not even try 2 come. Now it's chaos, everyone wants to go.

But after 1st encouraging people to come to Germany, now suddenly they speak of "deportations" >

Amazing pic by Reuters. Refugees/ migrants on their way to passing here through Slovenia


dialogue to resume next Wednesday, HOR to replace dialogue team with new representatives.

21 HoR Boycotters and allegedly 25 GNC members offer support for Dialogue Agreement and the GNA. Still in great flux

This is a good read , gives insight into state of play for both various factions and their benefactors. ..


Leon blames 's neglect on need for consensus-a req he established,upholds & defends


EU considers plan to disarm Libyan militias and protect oil facilities. EU to secure 's borders no matter what

UN envoy Leon summary: Talks will continue, peace plan will not be changed, UN may impose sanctions on individuals blocking plan.

Leon: "July text was only initialled. the only thing that legally speaking that will make the agreement enter into force is signing."

's 3 Govs: An internationally recognised one in East, a non-recognised in Capital, A quasi-recognised in...TBC

Rueters reporting Airstrikes hitting targets in the city of which has been under Islamic State control for some months now.

Photos of Friday protests in against the suggested names for 's unity government.