Saturday, October 10, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( October 10 , 2015 ) - Broader Europe In Focus ( Berlin Prepares for Anti - TTIP Protest Today , Refugee Crisis Items Of Note , Economic Data Nuggets ) ........ Greece In Focus ( Debt Relief prospects primary focus , economic data of note ) ....... Asia / Emerging Market updates ( Turkey - terrible bomb blast at a peace march today in Ankara kills dozens / more than a hundred wounded , China items of interest , Brazil and Venezuela in focus )

Morning tweets.......


Bavarian Finance Minister: "no extra taxes or debt to deal w asylum crisis. Limiting immigration would be better"

Migrant surge hits Greece, UN approves action on smugglers

The number of refugees and migrants arriving on Greek islands has surged to 7,000 a day

FOLLOW LIVE: Anti-TTIP and CETA protesters rail at huge trade deals in Berlin

Preparing for the anti-TTIP demo.

Good morning from where 50,000 expected at anti-TTIP demo:

Italy joins Germany and Spain with weaker than expected August industrial production (-0.5%)

France industrial production rebounded 1.6% in August, well above consensus

German Eon Institutes Cut 2015 Germany GDP Forecast to 1.8% V 2.1%; See 2016 Growth at 1.8%

Bank of France cuts Q3 French GDP forecast to +0.2% from +0.3%, bringing it into line with Insee forecast

German August industrial production well below expectations at -1.2%; consensus forecast +1.2%


The Lima romance

's : may return to economic growth in the middle of 2016 intrview w in

Dijsselbloem "Good standard would be to cap debt at max of 15%/GDP" IMF's Thomsen "We think can't deal with its debt without relief"

" cannot deal with debt just through reforms and adjustment" - IMF's Poul Thomsen

Thomsen: EU should lengthen significantly the grace period and the repayment period so the GR debt can be sustainable

IMF sees Greek debt/GDP climbing to 196.9% in 2015 and further to 206.6% in 2016, easing thereafter to 182.5% in 2020.

6 mths ago, IMF saw 2.5% growth in this year & 3.7 in 2016. Like EU, it now sees -2.3 in 2015 & -1.3 in 2016

Alexis Tsipras claimed there was no realistic alternative to austerity for Greece. He was wrong.


Ankara prosector says 52 killed in Ankara blasts.

Video captures aftermath of Ankara bombings At least 40 people killed and 100 wounded at a peace march meant to...


China Completes Construction of Lighthouses in disputed South China Sea

In Brazil, Trying to Pinpoint the End for Both Rousseff and Rout

Not a good look, Apple- obediently self-censoring its Apple News app in China. VPN can't get around it. Sigh.

China wants enough charging infrastructure for 5 mln electric cars by 2020- expect more than 1 bln drivers by then.

Largest lake in China & top scenic spot turned into rubbish dump by Golden Week holidaymakers

Woo! TGI-Fed for battered Asian EM currencies. Rupiah +10% (best week in 14 years -10% YTD) Ringgit +7% (best week since '98 peg -16% YTD)

Inflation is approaching 200%. Crime and corruption are rampant. Now, Venezuela votes