Thursday, September 3, 2015

MENA Report ( September 3, 2014 ) - Endless Wars in Iraq , Syria , Libya , Yemen , Afghanistan - just add to those fleeing persecution and poverty . Note the Independent article reflecting Kosovo is by far leading country for desperate migrants / refugees fleeing the hand dealt to civilians there , observe Ukrainians also fleeing their homeland for safety elsewhere in Europe , consider far more escape into Europe via Balkans than the deadly sea trips that dominate images and then understand that the flood has just begun !


Iraq's Battle to Retake Ramadi Is Failing

How US and Iran Reached Their Landmark Deal

Putin: Syria's Assad Ready for Power-Sharing

50 Saudi-Arab Coalition Troops Killed in Yemen

100s of Civilians Killed in US Airstrikes on ISIS

How the Saudi-Led Coalition Is Killing Civilians

ISIS Retakes Parts of Key Iraqi Town of Baiji

ISIS Claims Credit as Yemen Mosque Bombing Kills 28

Red Cross Halts Movement in Yemen After Two Aid Workers Killed

ISIS Militants Execute Their Own; 321 Killed Across Iraq

18 Turks Kidnapped in Baghdad's Sadr City

New ISIS Video Highlights Group's US-Made Weapons

Car Bomb Kills 10 in Coastal Stronghold of Syria's Assad

The Man Paving the Way for the Return of Yemen's Government

UN: Deal Reached on Increasing Flow of Supplies to Yemen

Mullah Omar's Death Dashes Hopes of Peace Talks With Taliban

Afghanistan Rejects Pakistan's Claim on Haqqani Network

Austrian Police Find 24 Afghan Migrants Locked in Van

Pakistan Air Strikes Kill at Least 31, as Offensive Continues

Pakistan Says 'Almost All' Uighur Militants Eliminated

Migrants Shut Eurostar Trains to UK; Dead Wash Up on Turkish Beach

Slovak Foreign Minister: Migrant Crisis May Unite Far-Right

Squalid Migrant City Rises in Budapest as Europe Seeks Solutions

Hundreds of Migrants on Tracks at Calais Block Trains to UK

Czech Republic Will Stop Detaining Syrians on Way to Germany: News Agency


Pressure grows on prime minister as Spanish cities sign up to refugee aid plan

tragedy: Just the beginning - by for

Middle East wars stop 13 mln schoolchildren:

Migrants Rush Into Hungary Train Station as Police Retreat

Fresh Displacement, Changing Dynamics, Responds: UNHCR Syria 2015 mid-year report

Kerry confident Middle East powers can send ground troops to Syria:

  • Unsurprisingly, Hungary accepted only 9.4% of the asylum applications it received in 2014

  • Saudi/Gulf state perspective on Europe refugee crisis

    6 charts that show where refugees are from and where they are going

    crisis: ‘Europe disunited, is being tested and failing’ -