Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( September 2 , 2015 ) - Refugee Situation Updates ( While considering hopefully a comprehensive and unified solution to the growing refugee issue swamping Europe , the connection to chaos in countries in War zones and EU support / contributions to said Wars must be examined by the EU ) ....... Economic Data Updates ( Data today from Spain , Greece , EZ generally , Germany , Italy , IMF World GDP Growth Forecast ) ...... Greece Snap Election Updates ( Political intrigue , domestic and international politics , ) ....... Markets ( Oil , some individual names to watch , odd & ends ! )

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Heresy! China Won't Stick To IMF, World Bank Lending "Religion" With AIIB

Wow! Let's celebrate the "113 hours without China" in global markets. Peace for global stocks! Cheers !

Malaysian police will ask Mahathir to give a statement on anti-Najib remarks he made at a recent anti-gov't protest.


Tsipras deserves to lose - he broke his word to his party & his people - he is a schemer - nothing more

to default if parliament rejects debt restructure proposal - finance minister

UK owes not just general responsibility to help refugees but specific responsibility because of roles in Iraq war and in removing Gaddafi


Greek Privatisation Agency Chief: Greek 2015 Privatisation Target To Be Missed, Says 2016 Target Is Still Realistic -

Antwerp entrepreneur Fernand Huts to employ 500 refugees if protectionist privileges for port workers are abolished


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Next stop: PASOK

Don't bother EU, you're way too late. This ball has been dropped.

EU Commission aims to ease asylum rules for frontier, report says

Migration minister Mouzalas: caretaker govt to announce measures improving condition for on islands

and this is how it starts.

AFP: Italy 'ready to impose border controls' after Germany request as Eurostar passengers wait 16 hours - live

First southern now central Europe feel the pressure

Over 4,200 leave Lesbos island for mainland Greece

Merkel ally Spahn sees IMF joining Greek bailout, lauds Tsipras

Spain's unemployment levels buck recent downward trend and creep back up in August

She'll be back? Yulia has her sights on Ukraine's premiership

Foreign investors own 54% of UK (46% of that held by US) vs 31% in 1998, followed by individuals who hold 12%

Glastonbury comes to the rescue of Calais’ flooded refugee camp

Lesbian couple attacked in France.


Eurozone July PPI -0.1% M/M, ex-energy unchanged. No evidence of inflation pipeline pressure

Glencore stock just can't get a break, down another 4.72% today. Biggest loser on the FTSE today + YTD

Another truck in found. 24 rescued from death, doors were welded shut with no air inlet

A 13-year-old Syrian refugee: "You just stop the war, we won't want to go to Europe."

  • Distribution of EU asylum seekers via h/t

  • No sign of organized, professional assistance to hundreds, maybe more, camped out at Budapest railway station.


    Spahn: “I’m v sure we'll find a solution” on lowering ’s debt load, for example by extending loan maturities.

    raised €1,138 mln from 6-month T-Bill auction at a yield of 2.97%, unchanged from last month. Coverage stable at 1.3x.

    Turnover remains extremely weak in the Athens Stock Exchange, at just €4 mln after 2 trading hours.

    revisiting its own history.

    blocked protest as police continue 2 prevent access 2 trains. Shouting 'Germany!'

    this is why.

    Bolivian-flagged freighter caught ystrd carrying weapons to belonged to company, says Kathimerini (Gr)

    Well that didn't last very long... DAX back below 10,000

    seasonally adjusted July unemployment rate at 22.2%.

    EU to launch stage 2 of operation against human traffickers in October

    Germany July Total Machine Orders +18% Y/Y; Domestic orders +43%, Foreign Orders +5%

    IMF signals it will cut its 2015 world GDP growth forecast below 3.3% as growth stalls

    Despite a positive real GDP reading in Q2 for Italy, Nominal GDP growth in 1H 2015 was just +0.9% Y/Y. Public debt burden still rising.

    Artur Mas reacted to PP's urgent new bill for Constitutional Court last night: "Grotesque", "inquisition", "1930s".

    tax and customs revenues at €4.4 bln in Aug, €320 mln better than target, from €3.39 bln last year (via ).

    This chart shows why is in urgent need for labor mkt reforms. Structural joblessness stubbornly high (viaBBG)

    BNPP: Monetary conditions in the have tightened substantial primarily through the exchange rate channel.

    Cypriot & Greek house prices fell by another 6.5% & 5.9% resp, acc to Knight Frank global house price index (via BBG)

    EU in tatters? Europe had a dream of a land w/o borders. Now that dream may be turning to dust

    Reverse of fortune: prices tumble on global growth angst.

    Good morning from Berlin. Markets in Asia calm after yday's brutal sell-off as Shanghai stabilizes & US Futures rise.

    Morning Note: 1. China's 'parade protection team' struggles. 2. Oz GDP disappoints. 3. Crude meets gravity

    One of China's largest commodities funds- with a name that, while prophetic, does not inspire investor confidence.

    Way to rain on Beijing's big parade. You know what awaits you, unpatriotic sellers. SH -0.2% SZ -1.98% ChiNext -1.8%