Sunday, September 20, 2015

Greece Snap Election Special Report ( September 20 , 2015 ) - Syriza and Tsipas set for a notable win today ! Official Estimate ( as of time of post - Syriza to get 145 seats - and Independent Greeks 10 seats , Syriza will seek to govern with Independent Greeks once again , N.D concedes to Tsipras & Syriza ) ........ Refugee situation updates ! Key meeting this week on tap Monday ( EU 28 Interior Ministers , Wednesday - EU 28 Leaders summit , Country specific news , Primers on Refugee situation , additional items of note on the subject / issue )

Snap Election items of note !

Result breakdown projection for 18-24s, unemployed, comparison with January - all now on live blog.

Full statement by Prime Minister elect, Alexis Tsipras, translated to Greek on the live blog now.

Popular Unity: Not Popular Enough to Take a Seat in Greek Parliament

Francois Hollande Forsees Stability in Greece after SYRIZA Victory in Greek Elections

Alexis Tsipras has been re-elected. He will find himself in the same position as in January

Jeroen Dijsselbloem Congratulates Tsipras on Electoral Victory

Lenders wants Greece's new coal gov't ASAP so to proceed w.'reforms' (austerity cuts) - I don't want to see any anti-austerity protests, ok?

Tsipras to be sworn in as PM tomorrow & SYRIZA-Independent Greeks gov't to be named Tue/Wed, reports

64.66% out of total: Syriza 35.43, ND 28.31, GolDawn 7.05, Pasok 6.41, KKE 5.44, Potami 3.99, IndGr 3.65, Centre Union 3.37,LAE 2.84

How voters 18-24 voted (exit poll). (In order SYRIZA, ND, GD, POTAMI, KKE, ANEL, PASOK, LAE, EK)

Voter turnout, : 2004, 76.6; 2007, 74.1; 2009, 70.9; 2012-1 65.1; 2012-2 62.5; 2015-Jan 63.6; 2015-Sept 55.4 (provisional).

Tsipras & Kammenos expected to appear together at Syriza's central Athens kiosk at abt 10.15 pm after speaking by phone about new alliance.

starts only a tad lower to the week as clear Syriza win means majority coalition will be made of only 2 parties

“Tomorrow, we will face a memorandum Armageddon,” says Panayiotis Lafazanis of Popular Unity

Panayiotis Lafazanis, whose Popular Unity failed to make it into Parliament, says party “lost the battle but not the war.”

calls Syriza's victory in an "important success", both for Europe and Greece.

Podemos's Errejón tweets: "Greek people rewards bravery + democratic courage. Congrats 3rd victory against Troika. We're coming!".

to get a SYRIZA-ANEL coalition again. with 155 seats, it may survive just 2. bailout bills votings. Then will be due

45% of votes counted 

SYRIZA 35,56% ND 28,05% G.Dawn 7,13% Pasok 6,4% KKE 6.5% Potami 5,48% Ind.Greeks 3,71% C. Union 3,48%

This highlights just how similar the results from this are to previous ones in Jan.


At Syriza HQ they're celebrating a sensational second election win. They lost just 4 seats despite massive u-turn + reputational hit.

already in talks to form new govt. no interest to cooperate with other parties at this stage

Greek far right Golden Dawn on track for best showing in a election BUT w/ no sign of a major surge. Party had 7.2% w/ 38% of vote counted.

official estimate (1/2)
SYRIZA 35.5% - 145 seats ND 28 - 75 GDawn 7.1 - 19 PASOK 6.4 - 17 KKE 5.5 - 15 Potami 4 - 10

official estimate (2/2) Ind Grks 3.7% - 10 seats Cent Union 3.4 - 9

With 30% of votes counted on 35%, ND on 28%. Consolidating around these levels. Turnout 55%.

Official projected result is more emphatic than exit polls: SYRIZA 145 seats, IndyGreeks 10. Will Tsipras say it's enough to govern?

Syriza wins by big margin - despite u-turn and significant split + abstentions. Tsipras as political strategist will be in textbooks now

Turnout increases to 54.7% so far in at 29% of total, well below the 63.6% in Jan.

Results with 25% of the vote counted:
Syriza 35 % ND 28.3 GD 7.1 PASOK 6.4 KKE 5.5 Potami 3.8 ANEL 3.7 EK 3.5 Turnout: 54%

BREAKING UPDATE: New Democracy concedes defeat to ’s leftist

Greek leftist Syriza source says party will turn to right-wing Independent Greeks party to form coalition. (RTRS)

Greek conservative leader concedes election defeat as Syriza takes 144 seats in 300 seat parl, ND 75 seats w/ about 25% of votes counted.

Refugee situation.....

‘No more ’: Arson attack destroys future German migration center (VIDEO)

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Mapping the European Refugee Crisis and Where the Path is Blocked; via

A sign of the magnitude of the exodus. Life vests left by refugees on Lesbos, Greece. By , Reuters.

13 people died off the coast of Turkey after a ferry collided with a boat carrying refugees:

The Syrian refugee crisis and the erosion of Europe’s moral authority:

Croatia continues to struggle as Europe's refugee crisis deepens - euronews

EU Emergency summit on refugee crisis scheduled for Wednesday

Croatia continues to struggle as Europe's refugee crisis deepens

Refugee crisis: Croatian police overwhelmed as thousands attempt to board train – video

'The war with Isis caused the refugee crisis - and it's going to get worse'

Para que entiendas que esta pasando en con los