Friday, September 18, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( September 18 , 2015 ) ....... Refugee Crisis Updates ( Europe's Refugee Crisis Continues To Reverberate - Croatia Hits The Wall Regarding Burden Sharing As To Refugees , Balkan States Still Very Resistant To Refugee Solutions Being Imposed - Germany Issues threat to over-rule opponents of mandatory quotas ) ....... Greece Updates ( Snap Election Coming to a Head - Debates are over , polls still neck and neck between Syriza and ND , Greece Economic Data of the day ) ....... Odds & Ends ( Al Qaeda Issues call for lone wolf attacks , Putin says he open to sending troops to consider sending troops Syria , post- Fed Day malaise in markets , additional items of note. )

Morning Tweets.....


Seat allocation likelihoods in the upcoming , according to betting markets odds (note: 5% cutoff).

Greece’s elections: Public polls show no clear winner, yet coalition option are limited

Slovenia ‘at the moment’ has no basis for creating corridor for to pass through - Interior min

"Croatia’s deputy prime minister, Vesna Pusic, said Slovenia is carrying out its threat of returning a “certain num…"

Croatia will redirect migrants to Hungary border: PM

Asylum seekers desperately climb into already overcrowded train at Tovernik, hoping it will leave soon for Zagreb.

Croatia closes 7 of 8 border crossings w Serbia after 10k crossed yesterday, completely overwhelmed.

Avramopoulos meets officials in Athens for talks on migration crisis

Hungary border closures no solution in migrant crisis: Germany


ECB officials now talking down the Euro following the Fed decision yesterday. So boring now.

Greece's new government will still need a miracle to survive and prosper in the euro

Germany says EU majority vote may force members to take migrants

IS has by now over 5 videos telling refugees not 2 go to 'infidel' Europe. Number of refugees who told me they want to go to IS caliphate: 0

EU MUST KNOW CROATIA WILL NOT BE MIGRANT HOTSPOT - PM MILANOVIC Only must obey rules in . The rest don't give shit about them

US open to talks with on

URGENT: Border traffic will close if continues - Croatia Interior Minister


MORE: cannot and will not accept this burden any more - PM

As refugee crisis grows, Hungary builds fence on border with Croatia

Erdogan had hoped a wave of Syrian refugees would force NATO to act against 's Assad -

EU members that don't help with won't get money:

Does Catalan Independence Gamble Make Economic Sense? Five Charts via

's Coeure: Inflation rebound to occur very slowly in . 5y5y inflation expectations have fallen back.

Our in Helsinki where Finnish police estimate 30,000 people are protesting against government austerity


Among EU member states, is the one most in need of migrant workers

Ready to Consider Sending Troops to Syria if Damascus Asks - Kremlin

Tsipras asks for second chance, acknowledges mistakes

Campaigning in Greece draws to close, election results in balance

calls emergency leaders’ summit as German Foreign Minister threatens to over-rule opponents of mandatory quota

Al Qaeda leader issues a call for "lone wolf"-style attacks against Western targets:

’s Bailout Is Working—Too Well via

Greek industrial turnover records its sharpest drop in 6 years, down 15.4pct in July

And down we go: Greek 10-year Bond Yields (since Aug)

If they fix at 15% of GDP, they reveal just how much Greek people must transfer to foreign creditors. Political poison

Unemployment for young Spanish women Q3 2006 v. Q2 2015:
16-19 (2006): 32.66% 16-19 (2015): 73.23% 20-24 (2006): 17.56% 20-24 (2015): 43.94%

Migrants continued to stream through fields from Serbia into EU, undeterred by Croatia's closure of road crossings

Crazy. Mayor of Hungarian town Asotthalom:"Go via Croatia to Germany. Hungary bad choice, Asotthalom the worst"

's Dax not so impressed by the dovish Fed. Dax trades 1.1% lower after open.

Markets still don't believe the Fed. Fed projections see rates to be raised to 3.4% by 2018, swaps suggest 1.6% (BBG)

Markets seem to fed up with the Fed. 's Nikkei ends down 2% at 18070.21 w/ Yen strengthening.

Über-Dovish doesn't help embattled Asian currencies: Indonesian Rupiah near the lows, Malaysian Ringgit unchg.

Good morning from Berlin. Asian markets not in festive mood despite has added a 3rd mandate: global stability.