Tuesday, August 11, 2015

MENA Report - August 11 , 2015 ..... Iraq/ Syria Regional War & Turkey Intervention in Focus ....... ISIS , Af- Pak , Iran Items of Note...... Yemen Regional Proxy War .... Libya in focus....


Anti-Iran Lobby Chief Steps Down, Supports Deal

Marxist Group Attacks US Consulate in Istanbul

ISIS Claims Central Iraq Bombings That Killed 58

Afghan President Slams Pakistan as Bombings Continue

Bombers Target Diyala; 221 Killed, 162 Wounded in Iraq

Iraqi Deputy PM Resigns, Faces Corruption Investigation

Mazen Darwish, Prominent Syria Human Rights Activist, Freed After Three Years

Anti-Houthi Fighters Seize Districts in Central Yemen

Yemen War Escalates

Yemen's Hospitals Overhelmed by War-Wounded, Says Doctors Without Borders




Hadi-led government announced the liberation of Abyan in

Inside Story: Turning point in Yemen's war?

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies are escalating the war in :

Iraq/ Syria / Turkey....

‘Unpredictable :’ Can crush wave of sporadic attacks?:

Syria rebels, pro-regime forces agree 48-hour truce in flashpoint towns

Kurdish province in Turkey, on Syria/Iraq border, declares autonomy

Ankara warms to idea of political solution in Syria

Meanwhile, US deploys six F-16s to 's Incirlik airbase to stike ISIS in & :