Saturday, July 25, 2015

MENA Report - July 25-26 , 2015 Iran Updates ( After the Nuclear Talks Deal , comes the challenges of congressional / parliamenatary reviews in both the US and Iran , working through nuts and bolts of implementation , Iran reintegration back into the global economy ) ..... Iraq & Syria Regional War Updates ( Turkey airstrikes in Iraq & Syria against PKK and ISIS respectively could change dynamics of conflicts ) ..... Yemen Regional proxy war in focus...... Libya in focus.....


Saudi Airstrikes Kill 120 Civilians in S. Yemen

Kerry Warns Israel Against Attacking Iran

Turkish Warplanes Bomb ISIS, Killing Nine

US Sees Peshmerga as Model for Anti-ISIS Forces

Turkey Scrambles Fighter Jets to Syrian Border as Clashes Erupt With ISIS Militants

Obama Officials Tell Haaretz: Netanyahu Would Reject Any Iran Deal – Except Capitulation

Israeli Officials: US Seeking to Stifle Discussion of Dangers of Iran Deal

Kerry to Senators: No 'Fantasy' Alternative to Iran Deal

Iran Eyes $185 Billion Oil and Gas Projects After Sanctions

Iran Nuclear Deal Safeguards Seem Effective: Saudi FM

European Business Reps Congregate on Iran Business Forum

Hollande, Rouhani Discuss Iran Deal Implementation

Germany Dismisses Criticism of Its Business Ambitions in Iran

Turkmen Killed in Bombing at Pool; 30 Killed Across Iraq

154 Killed in Iraq as Turkey Resumes Bombing PKK Bases


Iraq & Syria Regional Conflict  .... Turkey drawn in

ISIS militants detonate 2 truck bombs at Kurdish checkpoints near Syrian town of Tal Abyad: activists


EXCLUSIVE: Turkey, US to create ‘ISIL-free zone’ inside Syria

PHOTOS: Turkish airstrikes on Kurdish positions in Keste village, Berwari -

Map Of Airstrikes Against Targets In & In :

PKK Kidnaps 15 workers in eastern after Ankara's air raids against its camps in Iraq

Turkey joins West as a reluctant ally against Isis - but what took it so long?

Turkey extends bombing campaign to PKK targets in Iraq after hitting ISIL earlier in Syria


BREAKING: Saudi-led coalition declares 5-day Yemen truce: SPA

BREAKING NEWS YEMEN 'GO FIGURE' US To Sell Saudis 355 Missiles Amid War On Yemen

British military staff are working at the Saudi HQ for bombing Yemen, reports

With airstrikes out of control & lately hitting everything from Houthis to henhouse, "target" is wherever the bomb ends up landing.

as conflict disrupts education for 2 million children, backs catch-up classes

Where's that gov & their 999 statements condemning Houthis for targeting infrastructure/civilians now?


'No progress' in Libya search for kidnapped Italians

is not . If / establish a no-fly zone in Syria, and will act too.

Stay tuned for US to start bombing Libya next.

Air Defence chief dies of heart attack -

How can the U.S. mitigate the fallout of 's escalating civil war? via