Sunday, July 26, 2015

Economic News and Views ( July 26 , 2015 ) - Greece Updates ( Varoufakis Plan B Debacle may have legs as Ambrose Evans - Pritchard has confirmed via two participants on the call Varoufakis's comments were in fact made - and thus , even as the Talks for the Third Bailout loom next week , Tsipras has a new headache caused by his former Finance Minister..... Apart from Varoufakis , controversy looms from a possible new round of prior actions required from Greece ..... As new Talks lurch into being , will another bridge loan be required for Greece to meet August Creditor payments ? ) Broader Europe - Italy , Russia , Ukraine , Germany , UK , Finland , Poland in focus ! ! )

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I spoke to 2 people in London WHO listened to Varoufakis comments on Plan B. Confirm everything. My view: got legitimate scoop

FT: Some eurozone countries, including Germany, are pushing for another round of “prior actions” to be passed by the Greek parliament

FT: Greece is resisting additional reform measures currently being demanded by creditors

rocked by reports of secret plan to raid banks for drachma return/ Via

Criminal act?

ECB now have veto right on every Greek "sovereign" and financial decision

ECB Rejects Greek Proposals for Bourse Opening: ASE Official

Creditor official: Another bridge loan for Greece May be needed as there is now not enough time to agree a bailout before Aug 20 payment

While many may question account of Schauble worth remembering it chimes exactly with what Geithner said

Greek Alt FinMin Mardas:talks on plan b/drachma 'never took place at gov policy level. What a minister's team was planning isn't gov policy'

Meanwhile Left Platform's Lafazanis admits he proposed use of Bank of Greece reserves after ECB stopped ELA 'for survival of economy/people'

Debt conundrum to keep Greek banks in months-long freeze. Goldman Sees cap of € 13bn shortfall.

Broader Europe.....

Higher Transfers? 's Pier Carlo Padoan calls for' political union "to save the .

Appeals to nationalist support Putin as economy wobbles.

Haldane "no rush to move (interest) from where -rates They are now" So the opposite of Mark Carney and his hype!

Ukraine's debt repayment schedule, via


The Finns, redux internal devaluation, probes..Gr bailout needed like a hole in the head ..