Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MENA ( And AF-Pak ) Report - July 29 - 30 , 2015 ) - Around the horn examining Iraq- Syria Regional War , Iran Nuclear Deal , Yemen , Af-Pak and Libya !


Afghanistan: Taliban Leader Omar Reported Dead

US, Turkey Weigh Which Syrian Rebels to Support

NATO Endorses Turkey's Strikes on ISIS

Iraqi Militia Chief: US Not Serious About ISIS Fight

US Confirms Pollard To Be Released in November

Taliban Gains Mount Across Northern Afghanistan

Syrian Military, Kurds Oust ISIS From Hasakeh

Turkey: Peace With PKK Could 'Restart' if Kurds Disarm

Suicide Bombers Ignite Battles in Ramadi and Baiji; 72 Killed Across Iraq

White House to Kurds: Please Just Stay in Iraq

The US Is Losing Track of Who Its Friends Are in Iraq

Turkish Jets Hit Kurdish Militants in Southeast Turkey: Army

UN Agency May Allow Iran to Gather Soil Samples at Alleged Nuclear Site

Pakistan Gets $336 Million to Support Forces in Afghanistan

Pakistan Turns Up Heat Against Powerful Party in Bid to Secure Karachi

Warplanes Attack Air Base Near Yemen's Aden

UN Says It Could Help 3 Million in Yemen if a Pause Holds

Libyan Court Sentences Gadhafi Son Saif, Eight Other Ex-Officials to Death

UN Human Rights Office Deeply Disturbed' by Libya Death Sentences


Iraq - Syria Regional War 

US in Iraq: “So far it is unclear that we are playing the right game, much less winning it”

launches heaviest air strikes yet on Kurdish militants in northern :

Now US says it's just an anti-ISIS zone, not a "safe" zone for civilians. Barrel bomb away!

From Syria, to Turkey, to Greece: a choppy route to freedom for refugees

's Zaatari's Camp turned 3 today, houses 81k -n refugee. 50% children. Will they ever come back? Future?

Saudi policeman killed, two hurt in attack

Yemen .....

As truce collapses, warns that half of Yemen's population is struggling to eat each day

US to Sell $500M in Munitions to Continue Campaign

I added a video to a playlist Saudi warplanes bomb civilian areas in Yemen’s Dali’, Ma’rib, and


Anti-Saif Al-Islam death verdict protests in Fezzan -

Libya: Flawed trial of al-Gaddafi officials leads to appalling death sentences