Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MENA Report ( June10-11th , 2015 ) - Iraq - Syria Regional War ( Jordan and Lebanon included ) in Focus ..... Iran Nuclear Talks Updates ..... Yemen Regional Proxy War Updates .......Saudi Arabia - displaced by US in oil production , Saudis considering going "nuclear " due to Iran threat ....... Turkey post - election situation complicates Syria theatre.....


Israel Denies Cyber-Espionage Against Iran Talks

Israeli Spy Virus Targeted Iran Nuke Talks

Obama, Congress Split Over Which Sanctions Are 'Nuclear-Related'

US Military Chief in Israel to Sell Iran Nuclear Deal

'Big War'?: Pitting Shia Muslims Against Sunni

US Troops to Set Up New Base Outside of Ramadi
State Dept: Saving Iraq Could Take 3-5 Years

US to Send More Troops to Iraq, But No Strategy Overhaul

A Year of ISIS: 'There Is No Future for Iraq'

ISIS Attacks Government Office on Western Fringe of Baghdad

Tikrit Remains a Ghost Town Two Months After Its 'Liberation'

Iraq Recaptures Some Grain Silos Seized by ISIS

Help for Iraq Not Reaching the Most Dangerous Areas: MSF

US-Backed Rebels Seize Syrian Army Base, 78 Die

US Contractor Killed, 2 Wounded Testing Weapons for Syrian Rebels

22 Dead as Hezbollah Repels ISIS Attack Along Lebanon Border

Setbacks Suffered by the Syrian Government

Locals Report ISIS Attacking Taliban in Eastern Afghanistan

West Libya Shores Up Defenses, Awaiting ISIS Offensive

Saudi-Led Air Strikes Kill 19 in Yemen

Airstrikes Target Yemen's Rebel-Held Defense Ministry


Connecting dots between war and Europe's refugee situation.....

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How many have arrived in Europe this year by sea? Over 102,000 via

Libya .....

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ISIS proves its persistence with attacks in Libya and Iraq

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At least 43 people were killed in heavy fighting in :

Saudi Arabia ....

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Election results have made ’s current policy hard to implement

While in

"The ‘New ’ that was not in Erdogan’s plans: the aftermath of the critical June 2015 ", by…


Hezbollah announces battle with IS on Syria-Lebanon border

Lebanon receives US missiles for anti-jihadist fight

Perfectly illustrates how confronts tough choices. Confrontation with not exactly same ss

assistance to Syrian rebel is paving the way for to eventually come and slaughter all Jordanians.