Thursday, June 4, 2015

MENA Report June 4-5th 2015 ( Iraq/ Syria Regional War Updates ) ....... Yemen in focus...... Libya in focus ........ Notice ISIS ascendancy and impact is a common thread in Syria / Iraq / Yemen Libya ?


Iraqi Sunni Tribes Announce Backing for ISIS

ISIS Fighters in Fierce Battle for Key Syrian City

58 Killed, Mostly Civilians, as Saudis Pound Yemen

Airstrike Toll Revised; 309 Killed Across Iraq

ISIS Strikes on Shi'ites Fuel Sectarian Tensions in Saudi Arabia

Kurds Halt Shipments as Iraq Oil Deal in Growing Doubt

Airstrike Toll Revised; 309 Killed Across Iraq

70 Killed, Including Civilians, as US Strikes ISIS 'Bomb Factory'

ISIS Forces That Control Ramadi Are Ex-Baathist Saddam Loyalists

Syrian al-Qaeda Head Rules Out Peace With ISIS

Dozens Executed in Mosul; 331 Killed Across Iraq

ISIS vs. Shi'ite Militia in Iraq: Atrocity Rivalry Sees Brutal Videos of Torture Spread Online

Hezbollah Widens Offensive in Syria Border Area, Seizes Hilltops

Iraq, Iran Fighters Deployed to Defend Damascus: Security Source

UN Urges Yemen Humanitarian Ceasefire

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume at Expert Level in Vienna


Saudi-led planes raid Yemen rebel positions

More than 3,300 Syrians flee fighting near Turkish border

The political leadership met with UN Envoy Staffan de Mistura today in -

Iranians & Lebanese Hezbollah operating artillery mortars anti-tank missiles drones & fighting on frontlines in Baiji 


: Hash'd detonates the 'biggest factory for making car bombs and roadside bombs in '

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Claim They Are Now Very Close To The Two Border Towns of & . W/ &

Claim To Bombing On Gas Pipeline That Goes From To &

Pro- groups have a growing presence in and

Authorities "knew" about the first major al-Qaeda attack in Yemen, and could have averted it

Saudi Arabia's decision to intervene militarily in was based on much more than merely countering Iran.

: ISIS removes Libyan Flag of Independence and raises their own in Harawa, near .

1000 migrants packed like sardines into Libyan boat rescued in Mediterranean

MAP: Areas of control in with low-population areas removed. Red - Govt, Black - ISIS, Green - Fajr.

Basic Intersectional graph ....

Middle East......


Routes taken by fighters.....