Saturday, June 27, 2015

MENA Report June 28 , 2015 - ISIS in focus ( Friday attacks bring ISIS back to forefront - meaning front pages of western newspapers and prime time TV , not that it left stage anyway ) ..... Iraq /Syria Regional War Theatre Updates ( Bloody wars still ongoing , not chance they will end anytime soon ) ..... Yemen Regional Proxy War in focus ( Saudis still blowing living daylights out of Yemen- remember when Yemen was a big US Ally on War Against Terror - seems like a long time ago ) .... Iran nuclear Talks in focus ( Never -ending talks look likely to slip past 6/30 deadline and quietly continue to accomplish nothing of substance )


7 Wars in Muslim Countries Where ISIS Is Growing

Strikes on 3 Continents Show Growing ISIS Reach

ISIS Kills at Least 200 Civilians in Syria's Kobani

Iraqi Kurds 'Banishing' Sunni Arabs They Accuse of ISIS Ties

39 Killed in Attack on Tunisian Beach Resort

ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills 27 in Kuwait Mosque Attack

Sanctions Relief Timing Settled: Iran Sources

Huge Media Campaign Aims to Derail Iran Deal

Nuclear Talks May Hinge on Iran Approving Military Site Inspections

Saudi-Led Jets Bomb Yemen as Govt Rejects New Talks
68 Killed Across Iraq; Kurds Deporting Arabs From Territories

US Central Command Plays Down ISIS Counter-Attacks

Erdogan Says Turkey Not to Allow Kurdish State in Northern Syria

Erdogan Says Turkey Not to Allow Kurdish State in Northern Syria

Lebanese Army Says Kills Militants Trying to Infiltrate Border Town


Iraq & Syria....

Iraq forces made 'unauthorised' withdrawal from Ramadi: PM

Iraq announces arrest of senior Saddam-era official

Could the Syrian war become an internal Israeli conflict?

ISIS-linked activity. Major attacks in YEM/EGY/KUW. New ISIS governorate in N. Caucasus.

Iran .....

Not a surprise ....

Real deadline for Iran deal is July 9, says Biden's nat'l security adviser. via @

In Video: US, Iran officials meet in Vienna for nuclear talks as June 30 deadline looms

The United States sees a path to reaching a “very good” nuclear deal in the coming days -

Kerry, Zarif see hard work ahead as nuclear talks begin