Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Economic News and Views ( May 20 , 2015 ) Europe in focus ( Portugal sells 6 month bills at negative yield for the first time , UBS to plead guilty on Libor , Euro weakness today , ECB in a box over Greece and giving tips to hedgies ) ..... Asia focus - Japan GDP for Q1 surprises - but what lies ahead for Q2 , China deflationary woes - saved by pork , China back in front as largest holder of US treasury securities ) .... additional items of note !


Broader Europe and Asia ....


Does George Soros know something we don't? Soros increases his S&P 500 put position.

Morning Note: 1. UBS to plead guilty on Libor. 2. Altice moves for Time Warner? 3. JPN GDP beats. NKY hits 15-yr high

EUR on its knees: Common currency drops below $1.11.

Greek conundrum puts in tight spot.

Hedge Fund diners get ’s market-moving news hours early.

Pork could save 's bacon from deflationary threat. (via BBG)

CE: econ likely to slow in Q2 as GDP Q1 growth was mostly due to jump in inventories. Q1 details discouraging.

Nikkei jumps as ’s Q1 GDP surprised to the upside. GDP grew 2.4% QoQ annual vs 1.6% exp.

gets crushed by strong Dollar and influential Goldman call.

has regained position as largest foreign holder of treasury securities.

Central banks playing with fire in growth push, former chief economist Rajan warns.