Wednesday, April 8, 2015

MENA Report ( April 8 , 2015 ) - Yemen War Updates - Chaos which is Yemen continues although airstrikes seem to have lessened in intensity , Yemen citizens have become numb to the two week war ...... Iraq / Syria Regional War Campaign Updates .......Iran Framework Deal Political Updates ....... Libya Updates..... Odds and Ends


US Ups Arms Shipments for Saudi War on Yemen

ISIS Not Only Suspect in War Crimes at Tikrit

Senate Dems Bill Aimed at Killing Iran Deal
Turkey Endorses Iran's Call to End Saudi War on Yemen

US Struggles to Find Sunni Tribal Allies in Iraq
Iran's Revolutionary Guard Praises Nuclear Framework

Red Cross: Catastrophic Situation in Yemen Port of Aden

Jordan Circulates UN Resolution Aimed at Ending Yemen Fight

Yemen Crisis: Saudi Arabia's Border Troops Fear More Attacks by the Houthi Militia

158 Killed as Focus Turns to Militia Violence

2 Deadly Car Bombs Hit Rebel Bases in Northern Syria, Activists Say

Libya's War Rages but Eni Keeps Pumping Oil


Libya's rival forces warn Thanni government against independent oil sales

2 weeks into war now, stress, fear, insomnia & despair taking toll on ppl now walking like zombies in almost empty streets in Sana'a

People used to tweet on airstrikes minute by minute amongst other things & now simply numb & don't care..futility..apathy.. Sana'a

Al-Qaeda making gains in Yemen turmoil: Pentagon chief Carter

Iran's foreign minister due in Pakistan to discuss Yemen

CIA chief says criticism of Iran deal 'disingenuous'

The battle for Mosul will be complicated by the Kurdish factor and the city's remaining population

A mass deportation of Lebanese citizens from the UAE constitutes yet another social and economic burden on Lebanon


spoke to Syria Deeply about the Nusra Front’s game-changing rise in

-Sources tell that hacked into White House.

Power outages effected a part of White House, State Department and several other governmental buildings in Washington DC.