Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( April 8 , 2015 ) ...... Greece updates ( Tsipras in Russia for Meetings there including with Putin , Voaroufakis in Paris for meetings there with French FN M Sapin and OECD's Gurria , EWG conference call on Greece -1300 GMT with Greece officials looking for a positive signal , Greco-Russia fruit trade data , Austria's FN M warns Greece on Russian ties , various additional items of note ) ...... Spain retail sales fall for second month .... German Manufacturing orders fall almost as fast as 2 year Schatz ( new low 0.2756 this morning ) ..... France exports show weakness as share of EZ drops to 12 in 2015 .....Russia on the bounce and on the mend , ruble continues its tear along with brent price bounce ..... More items to consider !

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FinMin Secretary Theocarakis told in Euroworking Group in Brussels that state funds last only until April 24.

gave a 6-working-days ultimatum to to present proposals that would be accepted by lenders (via )

Tsipras-Putin talks yield pledge for better ties but no results

Tweets for the morning ....

BREAKING: Russia readies end to Greek food embargo imposed over EU sanctions - Econ Dev Min

Working Group conference call on 1300 GMT. Greek officials expect "a positive signal".

Greece and its lenders: Where do you start? on the conceptual gap between Athens & creditors

joins -led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Greek PM to meet Russia President at 1 p.m. Joint press conference scheduled for 3.30 p.m.

FinMin Varoufakis meeting with his French counterpart Sapin and OECD's Gurria in Paris later today

~40% of Russia's strawberry imports are Greek; 80% of Greek strawberry exports go to Russia

IMF made €2.5 billion profit out of loans - not only bailing out banks that lent recklessly but actively taken even more money out->

raised €1,138 mln from 6-month T-Bills at a yield of 2.97% unchanged from last month. Coverage unchanged at 1.3x.

Building Activity (permits) -7.1% in Jan and -16.1% over the trailing 12 months (ELSTAT).

FinMin will meet with Secretary-General Angel Gurría in Paris on Apr 9 at 8am.

Spain's retail sales fell for a second month in Feb. Down 0.7% vs Jan (when down 0.4% vs Dec). Still up 2.7% y-o-y.


German manufacturing orders - Y/Y change in February Domestic -1.2% Eurozone -4.6% Non Eurozone +1.0%

France's share of Eurozone exports has fallen from about 17% in 2000 to about 12% in 2015

French exports continue to flat line as imports fall - suggests the economy remains very weak

Greece PM Tsipras meeting with Russian President Putin today: 1100BST - Meeting begins 1730BST - Joint statement expected

Ruble continues to rise as specs bet on more gains to come.

. Greek entities, banks or govt institutions, no foreigners. Competitive bids were €0.875bn.

5yr default probability plunges as Ruble rises to highest level since dec14.

Bank of sees no risks to financial stability from current Ruble firming. Ruble has gained 28.7 since end-jan.

German Govt Suggests Russia-Greece Loan Would Be Routine Event: BBG

German Factory Orders Tumble By Most In 9 Months, Spanish Bond Yields Turn Negative

Futures Flat On Minutes Day; Chinese Bubble Spills Into Hong Kong; Biggest Energy M&A Deal In Over A Decade


To join or not to join? Japan earmarks maximum 1.5 bln USD contribution to China-led