Monday, April 27, 2015

MENA Report - ( April 27-28 , 2015 ) Great quote from Liz Sly sums it up " Today, Saudi bombed Yemen, the U.S. bombed Iraq & Syria, Israel bombed Syria & Syria bombed Syria " ........ Yemen Regional War in focus , GCC Air Forces continue bombing runs , ISIS claims to set up Caliphate in Yemen , Houthis / Militias battle it out on the ground - but who cares about civilians ..........Iraq / Syria Regional war in focus - more of the same daily death dealing with no political resolutions in sight .....


Iran Seizes Marshall Islands Cargo Ship

Al-Qaeda Advances, Captures Another Syria Base

Food Shortages Mount in Blockaded Yemen

Dozens Dead as Taliban Overruns Afghan Province

Syrian Jets Pound Insurgent-Held Town: Monitor

Saudis Pound Yemen Capital: War Broadening

Set to Begin, US Plan for Syrian Rebels Already Mired in Doubt

Saudis Pound Arms Depots in Yemen

Yemen's Exiled Government Declares 3 Disaster Zones

Yemen Militia Make Gains Against Houthis in Central City: Residents

More Bombs for Baghdad; 148 Killed Across Iraq

Israel Denies Report It Struck Near Syria-Lebanon Border

Bombers Return to Baghdad; 182 Killed Across Iraq


The U.S. must be balancer in the Mideast

Panic grips Damascus after series of jihadi gains

ISIS kills five journalists working for Libyan TV station: army

More austerity in , Finance Ministry decided 2 cut 2015 grants of unions, syndicates & Orgs worth 4 billion IQD/year

Protests in Baghdad & other cities too. Chants incl. "We want an honourable leader, not Abadi & not Obaidi"

2 of 4 Assad security chiefs removed, Ford:"it’s not the inner ring, it’s the next ring out. That’s pretty serious"

Popular resistance forces clashed with al militants in ,

Today, Saudi bombed Yemen, the U.S. bombed Iraq & Syria, Israel bombed Syria & Syria bombed Syria

Our correspondent says executed/arrested 250 soldiers in Fallujah; among the dead, three major generals.

military: on defensive, more than 6,000 targets hit by coalition

New footage claims it has set up new Caliphate in the war-torn country of .

Head of 's Guard lashes out over 'treachery'

chemical attack survivors die as continues to delay payments