Friday, April 17, 2015

MENA Report ( April 17 , 2015 ) Iraq / Syria Regional War in focus ...... Yemen War in focus .... Libya in focus .......Global fight vs ISIS in focus !


Al-Qaeda Captures Yemen Airport, Oil Terminal

Resilient ISIS Presses Attack in Ramadi, Baiji

Iraqi PM: ISIS Could Become Unstoppable

313 Killed in Iraq as Fighting Increases on Two Fronts

Battling for Dominance, ISIS and al-Qaeda Employ Different Strategies

Yemen's 'New VP' Urges Army Factions to Fight Houthis, Back Saudis

More Than 2,000 Families Flee Iraqi City of Ramadi as ISIS Advances

Putin Defends Iran Missile Deal as Increasing Security in Light of Yemen


UN: Graphic briefing on suspected Syria chlorine attacks

Lebanon Army seizes arms cache after Tripoli raid

Dempsey: US focusing airstrikes to protect Beiji refinery

UN chief calls for immediate cease-fire in Yemen

New Yemen VP hopes to avert Saudi invasion

My latest story on playing patience:anti-extremist campaign in will be long

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Iraq: ISIL was Chased from Tikrit, other Towns: But Gov’t still AWOL

The Iraqi prime minister is pursuing billions of dollars to help fund a struggling government