Saturday, April 18, 2015

Economic News and Views ( April 18 , 2015 ) - Greece naturally is the front burner news item ( Numerous items covering overall state of financial conditions - Russia might help Greece pull proverbial cash rabbit out of the hat with a large cash advance ( or perhaps not ? ) , creditor talks in general leading up to the April 24th Summit - a week of speeches / meeting / zipping from venue to venue )..... Broader Europe - QE warping bond markets in Europe especially Germany , NIRP , QE - Europe vs Japan approaches / impacts ..... Various odds and ends ! .

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denies reports of multibillion dollar loan agreement with

Key " Russia didn’t offer financial help because it was not asked,” Peskov told the Russian radio station Bus FM.

There is no agreement with for a €3~€5bn advance payment over Turkish Stream ~Kremlin spox Peskov /via

Minister Stratoulis: "We will NOT implement the reforms that Obama & Merkel want, but those the GR ppl want."

Charts/Themes of the Week: 2) Greece is back in the news, 10-yr close to 13% while German yields hit all-time lows

IMF urges EU to slim down its demands on Greece

€5bn - what may get over 10 years from the Russian gas pipeline deal 
€165bn - the 2nd EU aid package to Greece from 2012 to 2014

Russia to loan Greece ‘up to $5bn’ to join Turkish pipeline

Senior Eurozone Official quoted as saying Greek state tapping of cash from state entities is "last bit of cash the Greek state has"

Greek Deputy Finance Minister acknowledged that the state has withheld a total of €600m of payments to suppliers

what if: will natural gas cooperation with Russia save the Greek economy?

'The impact of low interest rates could jeopardize the life insurance sector in Europe'

Transatlantic rift widens as spread between 10yr US govt bond yields (1.85%) and German Bunds (0.07%) shows.

suffers worst week in 1 Month as ’s Draghi perseveres.

head warns against a game of chicken with as 2yr Greek yields jump >27%.

Default within the Euro area? 's main creditors said to be unwilling to allow .

"The US Fed, the Bank of England & the Bank of Japan now own 16%, 24% & 22%, respectively, of all bonds outstanding."

Krugman advises against ‘nightmare’ euro exit

Brussels Group due to meet in wake of Obama’s call for Greek reforms

gov't aims to merge current review talks with a 'New Contract' agreement in June. My new post for

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