Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MENA Report ( April 14 , 2015 ) Yemen Regional Proxy War , Iraq / Syria Regional War , ISIS / Jihadist Global War , Af-Pak , Libya , Iran all in focus ....


US Expands Role in Saudi Arabia's War on Yemen

Reuters Chief Flees Iraq Amid Threats By Militias

Taliban Kills 18 Afghan Troops in Northeast, 8 Beheaded

US Chief Negotiator: Military Strike Won't Stop Iran's Nuclear Program

Russian Decision on Iran Missiles Will Not Hurt Nuclear Talks: State Dept

Pakistan Seeks to Calm Relations With Gulf States Over Yemen

UN to Vote on Arms Embargo Against Yemen Rebel Leaders

Hezbollah Leader Says Saudi Strikes in Yemen Constitute 'Genocide'

Militants Back in Baiji Refinery; 139 Killed Across Iraq

Iraq PM to Seek Weapons on US Visit

As Libya Crumbles, Calls Grow for Feuding Factions to Meet Halfway

ISIS Militants Claim Attacks on Embassies in Libya


New video threatens 9/11-style attacks in US

The FBI Is Using "Aggressive Deception" To Cover Up Saudi Links To 9/11 Attack

campaign may lead to bigger mess than Afghanistan if fail (Op-Edge)

UN to vote on arms embargo against Yemen rebel leaders

Turkey deports 9 Britons attempting to cross into Syria

Lebanon police arrest key ISIS militant in Baalbek

ISIS battle to dominate US-Iraq White House talks

Australia deploys 330 more troops to Iraq in training mission

UN threatens Libya sanctions, urges negotiations

Yemen LNG declares force majeure, halts all production over worsening security

citizens of raid a business store for badly needed food supplies

Doesn't get more morbid than this..with no gas to power hospitals backup generators, many ppl will die soon

Keep in mind that whatever refrigerated food remaining at groceries/retailers now foul for same reason. Medicine too

Aden has it worse than Sana'a. On top of severe shortages of everything, shelled & bombarded by Houthis, South PCs, AND coalition.

18hrs straight w/o electricity. Net barely working. No gas, water, & little food in fridge soon foul. Airstrikes? Aplenty. Sana'a