Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( April 14 , 2015 ) .... Greece updates ( Greek Defense Minister Kammenos says Greece won't sign new austerity Memorandum , Greece denies report that is preparing fro debt default , concerned commentary from IMF's Thomsen / Goyal and ESM's Regling on Negotiations status / Greek economic data . Bond yields signaling market concerns re : default ) .....Petrobras tries to avoid default ....... Items of Interest touching on Broader Europe today and from Asia overnight.....


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warns Greek negotiations are 'not working' as Athens ramps up default threats /via

Gov't withholding payments as financial travails have increased.

: I hope there will be some progress soon in because liquidity buffers are becoming clearly very, very small.

Default risk climax RT Greek yields (groundhog day): 10-yr 11.79 +21½ 5-yr 16.42 +79 3-yr 22.55 +121½bp

's Thomsen reportedly told ExecBoard procedure of negotiations w 'not working', 'can't see conclusion of review' ~

's Thomsen & Goyal brief Fund's ExecBoard over : "Greek economy's data don't look good" via

Greece denies report that it is preparing for debt default

Greek Defence Minister Kammenos: 's govt won't sign new austerity memorandum. (BBG)

denies report that it is preparing for debt default. Greek 5yr default probability>80%

Broader Europe ...


Industrial output in EZ rises 1.1% m/m, +1.6% y/y in Feb. January's data revised from -0.1% m/m & 1.2% y/y to -0.3% and 0.4% respectively

What now Mario? My latest summary of debate.

Europe’s debtor paradise will end in tears

YOU GUYS. Bond yields are low in Europe and we are ON IT. 10-yr Bunds Trade at Fresh Yield Low of 0.139%

" and the have no choice but to work together to end Greece's crippling financial and economic crisis."

's Draghi gets the upper hand in the race to the bottom. drops to 126.10 Yen, lowest level since Jun2013.

's Draghi to welcome signs of Eurozone convergence: Real corporate interest rate spreads are in decline (via BBG)

New candidates mount challenge as Spain's leading parties feel voter anger seen across Europe:


Petrobras moves to avert technical default


Shanghai Tech stocks trading at 172 times earnings - just saying

RT News newspakistani7 :

Asia shares hesitate, Singapore stands pat on policy